What are the traits of a good teacher? Let’s know!

  1. They Are Motivated and Compassionate About Their Job

Successful teachers come in different types. A person might have extensive knowledge in his/her field and be deemed as successful all the while, a person might have great sense of teaching skills regardless of not being qualified enough and still be deemed successful. What we’ve however noticed is that in order to be successful, you must be motivated and compassionate about your job. Your job isn’t just teaching a topic or grading some papers. No, it’s more than that, you are the reason the world can be a different place. You have to develop mindset of the future generation of your country. And if you do it by just fulfilling your duty or completing your day, then safe to say, you aren’t paving a path towards success.

  1. They Believe in Learning More

Learning is an infinite process. You can never expect to know everything about a certain subject or topic. Hence it is always best to learn more and continuously grow in your field so that you can provide the best fruit to your audience. Successful teachers always try to be more, to do more and to achieve more. This drive of learning or thriving is what makes them different from others or outshine the crowd. Try to do the same and you’ll achieve it too.

  1. They Are Always Prepared

Preparation is one of the teaching skills that majority don’t believe in or deem it as useless. After all, you’re the teacher, why do you need to be prepared?! This type of mindset is wrong. Preparation isn’t a weakness or a failure, it is something which provides a definitive objective to a person. Being prepared will help you in advancing your skills and becoming a better mentor for your students as well as any other person or colleague in need. Hence preparation is the key to unbinding success. Remember there will be no need for a precaution of any sort if you’re prepared beforehand regarding your subject, your class and your respective audience!

  1. They Are Empathic

You don’t have to be a stone cold, black hearted teacher just so you can get your students to respect you and obey your commands. Students will do so if you adopt such a manner but they won’t remember you or applaud you for your behavior towards them. They will fear you instead. A successful teacher is like a mentor, he/she are empathic towards students and tries to listen to them or understand things from their point of view rather than enforcing his/her rules upon them. If a student is facing problems, don’t treat him harshly rather try to figure out the core of the problem and help in lifting him up!

  1. They Don’t Expect Compliments Every Day

As a teacher, you have to give 100% to your lessons so that your students can understand it perfectly. But if you expect them shower you with compliments then you’re likely to be discouraged. A student seldom compliments his/her teacher so keep this in your mind before you start expecting the impossible.

  1. They Believe in Their Students

Good teachers always believe in their students. When a student excels in a subject, instead of saying he/she worked hard, they credit the teachers. Similarly, when he/she is bad in a subject, again they credit the teachers. So while giving your best effort in lessons to your students, make sure not to discourage them if they don’t catch your point. Be patient and go slowly or in phases to get through to your students and help in rising them up.

  1. They Don’t Give Fake Compliments

Yes, a good teacher is supposed to lift their students up but showering them with fake compliments when you know the student is capable of much more doesn’t exactly stand in your favor or the student’s in this case. Be honest with your students regarding their potential but do not discourage them. Rather offer help if they need it, some extra time or uplifting if possible!

  1. They Take Risks and Are Adaptable

Taking risks and being adaptable to every type of situation are some of the best teaching skills you could ever possess. Take risks with your students, show them that failure isn’t bad rather giving up is. Work with them by speaking their language, that means use technology and don’t be afraid to break barriers of social media etc. in order to get through to them. Don’t be afraid to push yourself and your students, only then will your surroundings regard you as successful!

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