Probably the biggest day of your life comes in the shape of a wedding. You want everything to go perfectly despite the costs of wedding tent rental packages. People also plan their wedding to be outside and consider their wedding tent rentals accordingly.

outdoor wedding ideas

Here are a few more things to consider when planning a wedding outdoors.

  1. Plan Your Reception Dress Accordingly

An outside wedding means reception will be outside too. Choosing your reception gown or suit in accordance with the weather and season is necessary. Comfort shouldn’t be compromised for anything and it’s surprisingly hot in the gown, especially in a hot season. Make your gowns as light as you can so you can easily get around without sweating beads.

  1. Set Up a Tent

Tents are a very important feature to add to your outdoor wedding. Tents are available in a variety of types from formal to casual. Tents are helpful in reception because most of the time people want their wedding to be outside and the reception to be inside the tent. Wedding tent rental packages include most of the things that are needed inside a wedding tent. They are the best backup plan in case there is rain or an unfortunate circumstance.

If it’s hot, you must either install fans or fully air condition the tent. Wedding tent rentals are mainly the most costed asset in the whole outside wedding thing. Tents are very versatile in being accommodated anywhere even in your backyard.

  1. Proof Styling Your Hair

Outdoor weddings can become incredibly windy at times which can cause your hair to ruffle and messed up. When styling your hair, you should mention that you are having an outdoor wedding so that the hair stylist can style your hair accordingly. They may apply some hair product like pomade to keep your hair in place. Listen to your hair stylist if they tell you that your desired hairstyle won’t withstand the strong gusts of wind because the last thing you want is a mess on your head on an auspicious day of your life.

  1. Wedding in a Backyard

Considering a minimal wedding party with only close friends and family with around 50 people can be easily accommodated into an average sized backyard. This has an advantage that you will save money as compared to hiring out a whole venue like a beach or a vineyard. You still may have expenses like wedding tent rentals if your house isn’t an option for rain or other weather disasters. Considering for a backyard wedding has a very connective and emotional feeling to it which doesn’t go away as long as you live in the house.

  1. Consider the Surface of the Wedding

Brides are often seen wearing kitten heels and stilettos. An outside wedding can strip you off that privilege as soft surfaces don’t compliment the high heels. Opting for a flatter or a little wedged shoes will look just as beautiful.

  1. Extra Costs

Extra costs are always incurred in a wedding despite you keeping track of the budget very closely. There will be something that will be a little extra and will cost you over the budget. Venue expense, wedding tent rental packages and other things can add up to a thousand dollars or something. Your venue vendor can tell you all about the additional costs, but you should still be ready for anything that may change in the last minute.

  1. Decoration

Decorations and lighting are the second things you must consider to be on point at all costs (first being the food). Professional decorators are available to make your wedding scene much more memorable. Strings of lights, flowers, the surface of the ground, illumination prospects in the evening should all be perfectly placed and maintained. You can visit the venue a few days early to inspect the site.

  1. Catering

The number one thing you should be worried about is that food and drinks are delicious. Hire a good and experienced catering company to serve at your wedding and provide them with champagne, margaritas, lemonade and even tea to keep them fresh and hydrated in hot weather.

From wedding tent rentals VA to catering, there is a lot to be done in an outdoor wedding. These tips will help you in planning your own.

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