Electric cooktops are very popular in homes these days. But like any other appliance, these cooktops can also run into troubles at times and you may require cooktops repair.

Here are some of the common electric cooktop problems and their solutions.

Problems in Turning On

To cook anything on your electric cooktop, you’ll first have to turn it on. But if the cooktop won’t turn on even when the power is on, then your electric cooktop might be facing several issues.

First of all, you should see if the cooktop is even plugged in or not. The outlet wire/ switch shouldn’t be defective, and the cooktop should be turned on. Use a device like a multimeter, or plug-in another device to see if the power source is working or not.

If you still can’t turn the cooktop on by checking every power source, then there might be a problem with the internals. In this case, you can call an expert to handle the situation.

Burner Temperature Issues

One of the reasons why cooktops are preferred by people is that they let you cook at a fixed temperature, and the settings are really simple and easy to adjust. If you’re unable to easily adjust the temperature of your cooktop burners, this might indicate a problem.

There is a switch inside the unit that might break down to cause this issue. If this switch gets stuck on one point, it’ll make the burners work on that specific level regardless of the settings that you choose. If this or any other issue is making the temperature control difficult for you, then kitchen appliance experts need to be called right away to help you in this.

Indicator Lights Stay Off

Most of the functions like temperature level are shown by indicator lights fitted into the cooktop unit. A problem with the control switch can cause these lights to turn off unexpectedly. In this issue, no important information will show on your display. Usually, burned out bulbs can also cause this issue. Well, both of these things can easily be replaced, but getting the services of a professional will make sure that the job is done perfectly.

Damaged Coils

Since you’ll be using the cooktop on a daily basis, the coils of the burners will wear out in the long run. When a coil is burned out or damaged, it’ll develop cracks, blisters or other such signs. Once damaged, these coils can’t be repaired, and you’ll have to invest in new coils. You can replace the coils by yourself, just remember to invest in the coils that will fit your cooktop perfectly.

Sparks When Turning On

Electric cooktops are known to be extremely safe, and they are not supposed to spark the same way a regular gas one does. So, keep in mind that sparking isn’t a normal thing, and you’ll have to make some adjustments in order to get rid of the sparks.

Heating element of the electric cooktop is the main culprit in this case. This element can get damaged due to certain things, and it starts creating sparks upon getting damaged. Additionally, loose wires can also become a cause of the electric sparks in your electric cooktop. These sparks are very dangerous, and can be fatal. So, you better seek some professional help when this happens.

Coils Not Heating Up

The cooktops that use coils first need them to heat up before you can cook anything on them. So, if the coils of your cooktop won’t heat even after giving them energy, this might be due to various reasons.

The coils might be loose and detached from the cooktop’s main body. Usually, people remove the cooktop coils in order to properly clean them. So, if the coils aren’t fixed back in place properly, they might face difficulty in properly heating up. So, check the coils properly to see if they are loosely attached to the cooktop.

Additionally, the internal ignition might be out of order as well. This switch will cause the coils to not heat when it breaks down. In this situation, it’ll be better for you to call and seek the assistance of an appliance repair Fairfax service. They will fix the cooktop issue pretty easily, and the cooktop will start to work normally.