Coordination is essential for everyday life activities. Running, climbing stairs and even walking require some degree of balance and coordination. Coordination becomes more important for athletes. There are many exercises and drills which can improve coordination that eventually help you in improving your game.

Importance of balance and coordination in basketball

Improving balance and coordination is a common concern for powerful athletes like basketball players. Basketball players often have more speed and strength than they can control. In addition, they lack stability. To improve balance and coordination, players can participate in basketball training programs, where they undergo through repetition training. Repetition training is good for improving balance and stability.

Easy Drills to Improve Hand and Eye Coordination

Play Catch

In order to improve your vision, practice catching. Toss a ball against the wall and try catching it with one hand, and then repeat the procedure with the other hand. Playing a fast-paced catching game with a friend can be an aid to boost eye and hand coordination, too. Hand and eye coordination help you in improving your dribbling skill to a great extent. By practicing catching, you can also get a good grip on the ball.

Practice Juggling

In order to get mastery in your peripheral field, practice juggling. Juggling might appear difficult in the beginning, but once you start practicing juggling, you can grasp this skill. Juggling can take your hand and eye coordination at the arrant level. To learn juggling, you can take help from YouTube videos.

Exercise Your Eyes

One more important part of hand and eye coordination is your ability to instantly switch your focus between things close to you and far away. You can perk up this skill by practicing a few minutes per day with simple near-far drills. This will help you in quickly passing the basketball to the teammate who is standing at the right position.

Stay Conscious On The Basketball Court

Don’t play with present body and absent mind. All your hand eye practice will fail if you do not stay conscious on the basketball court.

Bottom line

Hand and eye coordination may appear like something you are either born with or not, but it can be learned. Enroll yourself in basketball camps and your coach will help you in building better hand and eye coordination.

Basketball Drills to Improve Your Game

When it comes to a fast paced sport like basketball, even a small edge can turn the game into your favor. You just need a small edge to convert your chance into basket. To take advantage of this chance, you need to learn various basketball drills. So, take your basketball lessons seriously and become match winner for your team.

Elevate Your Basketball Game

Are you ready to take your basketball game to the next level? Are you ready to improve your basketball skills at any cost? Or do you want to become the best player of your basketball team? Well, if so then get started now!


To score points in basketball game, you will have to shoot the basketball into the hoop. Shooting means throwing the ball into the hoop by avoiding defenders. A proper shot demands accurate aiming, lift from the legs and arm extension. In order to get mastery in shooting you will have to practice.


Dribbling is an essential basketball skill. This skill allows you to move the ball in the court. Proper dribbling requires adequate knowledge of ball handling and ball controlling. Expert basketball players can dribble the ball with both hands.


Jumping is another basketball skill that can define how good a player is. Jumping is useful while shooting. It is an important skill for short players.


In order to play basketball, you will have to run in the entire basketball court. The faster you run, the more agile you will be in the basketball court. If you want to become a good basketball player, you should improve your running.


Since basketball is a team game, passing is an important part of the game. Passing makes you a complete basketball player. In fact, passing is the easiest basketball skill to learn. All you need to do is to find a team player who is open for the short and pass the ball.

So, these are the skills, which can make you a better basketball player. Always play a disciplined game. Give your maximum efforts during exercises and practice sessions. Do not slack off when you are tired, end your sessions when you are done. Only disciplined players get opportunities to play professional basketball.