BMW is the queen of road vehicles. However, most people don’t know how to take care of it. As a result, their BMW repair certified BMW mechanics by  required.

 BMW maintenance

  1. Engine and Nearby Parts

An engine is the heart of the car. If your car is not performing as it should, chances are that there is some problem with the engine.

Therefore, it is recommended to run engine diagnostics, at least few times a year.

Also, it is not necessary that engine directly gets worked up. Sometimes fault lies inside the cooling system, radiator and carbon plugs, which indirectly affects engine. Regularly check water and oil inside the desired mechanical components and if you suspect any doubt, head over to certified BMW mechanics.

  1. Regular Service

BMW or no BMW, Car service is very important to ensure its optimum functionality. Having said that, BMW is not a piece of cake of every person who calls himself “an auto mechanic

You need to scout your area and find out certified BMW mechanics. Those BMW service repairmen are specially trained to handle your car. They have technical training from company and know how to deal with your car. Prioritize them over regular automobile service providers.

  1. Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

If you like to drive your shiny BMW a lot, it is good to keep your fuel tank full. The absence of a full fuel tank allows debris to accumulate inside the petrol tank.

The fuel pump (a small electric motor) sends gasoline to the engine. Because of its constant working, it gets heated.

Liquids are a good way to reduce internal heat. Therefore, it is advised to have ample fuel in your fuel tank.

  1. Tires

Tires are an integral part of your car. Examine them after every couple of days. Notice tire treads. Shallow treads are easier to lose traction. Depending from state – state, make sure your tire treads are up to date.

If your tires have uneven patterns i.e. there is presence of more external wear as compared to internal, it is highly likely that you should perform wheel balancing on your car. Don’t try to do it yourself as a minor mistake can prove fatal to you in the long run. Instead, utilize the expertise of certified BMW mechanics.

Also, tire pressure is important. Too much and your tire may burst. Too low and your tire may flaccid. Seasons also play an important role in tire pressure (Air expands in hotter temperature and vice versa.). Make sure you utilize the air pressure according to weather.

  1. Vipers

Most BMW drivers neglect the importance of vipers till they experience the first rainfall. But then, it is too late. Considering their windscreen gets mushy due to utilization of dirty vipers.

BMW cleaning

Clean them, once in a while with a dry cloth. Afterwards, you may use detergent with water for a smooth experience.

After every fortnight, enable the windshield washer to make sure it is working fine. Also, with time, rubber from vipers start degrading. When it is time to replace them, replace them with a newer set.

Only use the services of a certified BMW repair service for optimum performance.