Car window tinting provides the driver the privacy as well as it prevents the car to heat up while it is parked in the scorching heat. However, the purpose and the use of factory tint and after market is quite different.

Factory tint is installed on the inside of your window of your car from the manufacturers themselves. Most people cover their already factory tinted windows with the aftermarket as well.

Factory window Tint

Factory tint is mainly applied in order to provide the driver as well as the passengers some privacy. Hence, it is referred to as the privacy glass. It is carried out by the help of an electrical series of process in the auto glass tinting. This process involves dipping the glass into a dark pigment. According to the law, the car window tinting is not allowed to be tinted completely, hence in order to abide the law, the maker’s only use the auto glass tinting to some extent with the VLT (visual light transmission) of only fifteen to twenty-six percent only.


It is the tint that is applied to the inside of the window of your car. It prevents the car to get heated up. Hence, when you drive your car it is still comfortable even if it was parked in the heat for a long period of time.

How Factory Tint and Aftermarket Differ?


  • It prevents the heat to enter your car. However, the extent of rejection of heat varies immensely. It depends on the type of tint used and the quality of the tint. It deflects 99% of the heat. The aftermarket window tint does a tremendous job in doing so. However, it is not true for the factory tint. Most people do not like the usual black tinted windows, if you are one of those people then it is recommended that you must go for other materials and types, for example, Air80. It provides both rejections from the UV rays and preventing the entry of the heat.
  • Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the body as well. It has the capability to penetrate deep into your skin. This might result in the occurrence of skin cancer. Hence, people that are quite sensitive must have auto glass tinting to avoid the potential risk of cancer.
  • Tinted windows also avoid theft. If the thieves will not be able to see the valuable stuff inside your car, they will not break it in in the first place.


  • The primary objective of the factory tint is to provide privacy to the passengers in the car. However, the aftermarket fails to do so. Nevertheless, auto glass tinting springfield va provides the UV light to enter into the car and prevent it from heating up. The aftermarket window tint prevents the rays to enter up to 90%. Furthermore, if you are looking for a window that prevents any type of injury and breakage during an accident then you should definitely go for the window tint rather than the factory tint.