Your chimney is an asset in your home along with a fireplace. If your fireplace is sitting alone and sad, needs repair and remodeling, then it’s time you give some thought into renovation and designing. If you have a perfectly working chimney, then it’s more than perfect as you can totally focus on the aesthetics. But first, hire a chimney cleaning service for a full sweep.

An impressive and attractive fireplace can actually add value to your homes. Some people tend to decorate and design their fireplaces even though they don’t need it. There are many ways you can completely remodel your hearth to make it as good as new.


The first important step is the cleanup. You need to call in a chimney sweep to do the complete cleanup of your chimney by clearing away the soot, dust and ashes. Cleanup will make a whole lot of difference and you will be able to do remodeling much better.


If you have the traditional bricks in your fireplace and you need to give a new look without changing, then you can white wash or limewash your bricks. It will give a new feel. You can go for either, if you prefer a modern look then go for white wash while limewash give a natural rustic appearance. If you do not like the red color of the bricks then you can paint them to look completely new.

If you have a wooden fireplace, then you can also get a paint job done and give a new look.

Install Tiles Or Any Other Siding

Tiles or any other siding will give an instant uplift to your fireplace. Nowadays, the trend is to install exterior and interior tiles both. You can go for a wide array of patterns and designs and install tiles.

Install A New Mantle

A new mantle installed in your fireplace is an excellent renovation choice. You need to get it constructed so you can either go for a carved beautiful vintage design or a stylish contemporary design. The mantle is the basis of your fireplace and will give the most visual appeal so it should be something out of ordinary and which immediately draws the attention of the viewer. Search the internet and get your dream mantle designed.

Create A Vintage Look

If you are into old school and vintage appearance, then you can make your fireplace look expensive. Install wooden boards and wooden planks on the hearth. Paint the surroundings in fascinating rustic color. Make the room look conventional by placing an animal skin rug near the fireplace, a small rack of books and magazines, a small table and rocking wooden chair and you are all set for the aesthetic rustic look.

Similarly, if you want to give a modern touch then a simple plain fireplace painted in solid colors with a glass door would look elegant. Paint the wall behind the fireplace in pastels and add some artistic paintings or frames with a stylish wall clock and a modern sofa set and you are done.

Get A Panel Installed

A panel above your mantle is a great idea. You can either install a huge round mirror or many different types of paintings and frames. Family photographs are a great idea and will make the place look homely and inviting. You can design the panel in many ways and can also use it as a storage place by installing racks and cabinets.

Stylize Your Mantle

Your mantle is the highlight of your fireplace and you can dress it up the way you want. You can either go for DIY options or get it professionally made and then give your personal touches. You can decorate it with cute decoration items, artificial flowers and small plants, photo frames, candles and whatever you want. The idea is to make sure that your fireplace looks amazing.

You are the mastermind behind the renovation of your house and you can design your fireplace as you please. Whether you go for vintage or modern, it’s completely your choice. It should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and admired by the onlookers. Look for masons or chimney contractors Columbia MD for chimney repair or remodeling. You can also take suggestions from other people in the house if they are interested in it.

Your chimney may seem like the most underrated part of the house, but a chimney inspection by the experts may do wonders for your chimney, your pocket and also save you from many disastrous after-effects. Minor chimney cleaning should be done yourself on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of creosote, tar, and soot and to avoid hazardous accidents. Below are some tips for your chimney maintenance.

Chimney inspection and cleaning

  1. Start with the basics and clean all the ashes and debris from the fireplace. Chimney cleaning should be done before the winter season so the chimney could be burnt for the cold winter nights. Clean all the ashes with a spade and put it in a bucket.
  2. After the ashes, you need to clean the creosote. When the fire is burnt in the fireplace, the smoke goes up and out the chimney which leaves behind smoke stains and creosote which is a mixture of soot, brown and black tar and can be highly flammable. Rub the brick walls with soapy water to clean the stubborn stains. Get an annual chimney inspection to remove the soot and tar stains. The creosote is the cause of fires in the chimney and houses.
  3. Get a chimney cap installed because it will keep out the snow, the debris, small animals and birds, the buildup of bird’s nests and other dust and debris. These all things can cause chimney blockage which may later lead to fires in the house. Also get a wire mesh fixed so that animals may not get in. You will need to maintain your chimney cap as well. Check its condition and whether it needs to be repaired and fixed or not.
  4. Call for an annual chimney inspection before winters to check if your chimney lining has cracks or not. If you have cracks in your chimney lining or flue lining, then moisture may leak inside and water from snow and rains can also go inside the chimney. Moisture is the worst enemy of your chimney and can completely destroy your chimney. It is also unsafe for you because dangerous and hazardous gases may also leak into the house and moisture is the number one cause of destructive fires in the chimneys.
  5. For proper chimney maintenance, you can also waterproof your chimney. This way your chimney will be safe from moisture and water leaking inside and will be more durable.
  6. Also, you need to check for mortar between the bricks. The bricks of the chimney are joined with mortar. This mortar comes off or deteriorates with time. If the mortar is not there to hold the bricks together, then it may also cause your chimney to collapse and cause destruction. Call an expert to check for mortar between the bricks and if it has come off, then it may be fixed again to hold the brick together.

Chimney cleaning annapolis md and maintenance it on a regular basis will increase it life and is also safe for you and your family.