There are so many things that you have to worry about with your restaurant in full swing. From commercial appliance installations to commercial appliances repair – the list of worries for a commercial restaurant owner are endless. The biggest list that you have to carry with yourself every single day is cleaning the restaurant. Cleaning is a gruesome and time-consuming task. We have a checklist ready for you to speed things up and never miss out on a thing!

Start with commercial appliances repair

The entrance is the first impression of your restaurant that the visitor has. So, you need to make sure that the outsides of your restaurant are just as clean as the inside. It is best to get started from the outside because once the outside is clean and tidy – you can keep your focus on the inside at peace. This should be on top of your cleaning checklist every day.

Restaurant Settings

  1. The floor needs to be swiped, washed and swept every single day – multiple times a day. You need to make sure the floors are cleaned after every round of service.
  2. The tables need to be set. This means all cutlery needs to be washed and then placed.
  3. The table cloths and napkins need to be changed every day. Fresh laundered ones should always be ready whilst older ones need to be sent out for dry cleaning.

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

  1. The counters need to be washed with soap and kept clear at all times. A messy kitchen kills productivity.
  2. The service counter needs to be cleaned multiple times before each service and sprayed with an anti-bacterial spray. This is important to ensure that your food is healthy and clean.
  3. All dishes need to be washed and put into place.
  4. The refrigerators need to be checked to make sure everything is fresh and usable. Anything rotting needs to be thrown away. The fridge needs to be restocked with fresh items.

Restaurant Bars

If your restaurant has a bar, you need to make sure that the bar is clean to the very last point. It needs to be shiny, lush and very clean. The bar should always be cleaned from top to bottom every single day. This is not something that can be compromised on or skipped because the bar is usually in full view of the restaurant.

  1. You need to make sure every bottle is rubbed and cleaned of dirt and dust.
  2. The glasses need to be wiped clean and washed every day even if not used.
  3. The bar platform should be rubbed after every serving. The platform should be cleaned constantly throughout the service.

Importance of commercial kitchen appliance repairs

Your restaurant requires you to put in blood and sweat to make it successful and a big name. Commercial kitchens are not easy to take care of and this we know. Since everything is so mega huge and majestic in its size, you need to make sure that you are hands on with the commercial kitchen appliance repairs va. Commercial appliances repair and maintenance can be difficult. However, with every day effort you can save yourself from big troubles like frequent fixes or upgrades.