Commercial ice machines found in restaurants and other places are designed to produce ice in a large quantity throughout the day. Therefore, if something happens to go wrong, your business will face a bit of trouble. Before you call the ice dispenser repair experts, let’s take a look at some troubleshooting tips that might help you keep going. Let’s begin!

The Appliance Isn’t Running

Upon turning on the commercial ice machine, you notice that it is simply not running, it might be it is not receiving power. Commercial ice machines are designed to run at a certain voltage and will fail to do so if the power is anything less than the minimum. Therefore, the first thing you need to make sure of is that the machine is receiving power.

Check to see if the main unit has been unplugged and push the switch back in. Sometimes, the switch turns loose, which leads to power supply disruption. If that does not solve the case, you should check the circuit breaker for tripping or blown fuse. If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset it and replace the fuse if it is blown.

It Isn’t Making Any Ice

If the machine has turned on but is not making any ice, you will need to check its water connections. Check if the main supply hose or supply valve is off. Plus, clean the water-flat valve and make sure the ice machine’s water line is not clogged. If it happens to be, you will need to unclog it using some chemicals and tools.

Furthermore, it could also be that the condenser is dirty if the machine comes with one. And to prevent it from accumulating dirt, dust, and grime, you should opt for annual maintenance by a professional. In such cases, it is better to leave the task in the hands of a professional instead of playing around with the machine as you can easily end up damaging expensive components and also risk injury.

It Isn’t Releasing Ice

Sometimes, the commercial ice-making machine may not release ice or is slow to harvest. This means the machine needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice every week. If you are unsure about its maintenance schedule, you should consult the user’s manual.

It also might be that the machine is not placed on a leveled surface. Surprisingly, this is a common problem amongst restaurants that fail to place the machine in a proper way or area. Keep in mind that the commercial ice machine also needs room to breathe. If it is placed too close to other kitchen equipment that produces heat, it will have a hard time performing at its normal as well.

Ice Quality Is Poor, Soft, Or Murky

Even if your machine is running perfectly, some problems such as the ice quality being poor, soft, or murky could be very frustrating. However, if that is the case, you should first check the quality of water since that is mostly the culprit behind such problems. If the water quality is bad, the ice will suffer as well and you will need to get the water treated.

In addition to that, you should also check the water filters to make sure they are clean and not dirty or clogged. Plus, make sure that you inspect the water filters at least twice a week to maintain the quality of the water and ice.

The Appliance Making Weird Noises

If you notice that the machine was making weird noises before it stopped working, it means that a certain component is worn out or damaged and might need repairs or replacement. This can be a complicated situation requiring the help of a professional. It might also be that the machine is heating up for some reason and automatically shutting down to prevent any damage.

With that said, if you are observant of the weird noises, share them with an expert so that the problem is easier to diagnose. And don’t try to fix the issue on your own as it could lead to serious injuries.

Final Word

troubleshooting tips if your commercial ice machine fails to perform. If you do not manage to solve the problem, do not hesitate to consult an expert who can perform commercial ice maker repairs Alexandria and get the machine running without any risks attached.