Commercial convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system that distributes hot air inside the oven for cooking food and takes it out through the vent system. It ensures evenly heated and faster cooking. These ovens are more expensive than standard ovens so take care of them by consulting a commercial oven repair service. Below are some common convection oven problems and how you can fix them.

Oven Not Heating Up

The most common oven problem is the oven not heating up. To begin troubleshooting, first, check the gas valve and make sure that is at the ON position. Then, move to checking the power source and see if the oven’s power cord is plugged into an outlet. Plus, check the power cord for any damages.

If the above things are clear, test the power switch on the control panel of your commercial convection oven. Set it in the cook or oven on position. You should also change its position and then take it back to your desired position.

The oven not working problem could be because of incorrect temperature settings. Shift your attention to the control temperature. In the case the temperature is set to a lower setting, change it to the required cooking temperature.

After this, check if the door is open because it is a big reason for oven problems. Try to close the door. If the door is not closing, look for anything that may be blocking the door. Plus, check the door gasket or hinge for cracks and damage. Moreover, clean the door hinges and try to close the door again.

Preheating Is Taking Too Long

In restaurants and food businesses where ovens are required, they must be ready for cooking. Convection ovens have an oven ready light. When it’s lit, it shows that the oven is preheating and when it goes out, the oven is ready for heating or cooking food.

If this preheating process is longer than usual, check the fan delay settings. If it’s activated, then turn it off because deactivating the fan delay can heat up the oven more quickly.

This problem can be gas-related as well. First things first, check the gas valve and also check the gas pressure. Low gas pressure means less power for the oven to heat so if it’s low, get in touch with your gas supplier.

The Fan Is Not Running

The role of the fan in a convection oven is critical to cook anything. If the fan is working, start by checking the power cord of the oven. Make sure it’s plugged in and not damaged from anywhere.

Sometimes, a fan doesn’t work when the door is not closed properly. Check the door and close it. If it’s closed, open and close it again. Moreover, see if something is obstructing the door from closing. Check and clean the hinges of the door as well.

Now, check the power switch on the control panel of the oven. Set it to cook or oven on the setting. If the fan is still not working, the circuit breaker may have tripped. In that case, reset the circuit breaker.

Convection oven models that have the fan delay feature heat up more quickly when turning off the feature.

Frequent Baking Problems

If the use of the convection oven is causing common baking problems, make sure your oven is installed correctly by appliance experts. Refer to your oven’s manual for installation instructions.

Furthermore, the maintenance of convection ovens must never be ignored. Less or no maintenance decreases the life of the oven and increases the frequency of breakdowns.

Make sure to clean the oven with a commercial-grade oven cleaner for cleaning its interior and exterior. Similarly, cleaning the fan every week is essential so it works without obstructions. Refer to your oven’s manual for learning the correct procedure for cleaning your specific oven model.

Apart from that, the programmable controls may be incorrectly set. Again, refer to the user manual to check that the settings are correct.


Commercial convection ovens are important parts of restaurants, so follow the above-mentioned tips if you experience any problems. Clean and maintain it regularly and consult authorized commercial appliances repair technicians for repairs. topac