Are you starting a new construction project? Chances are that you will need heavy machinery moving and lifting. However, lifting and moving heavy machinery or weights is not that easy. Without a crane, it would be totally impossible.

Now, buying your own crane would not be realistic, since they will cost around $200k or more. Instead, it makes much more sense to hire a crane rigging service that gives out cranes for rent. Such services not only rent out cranes but also provide seasoned operators who know crane operations inside out.

What are crane services?

These are services that provide cranes for rent. When you are working with a crane rental service, check whether the company has up-to-date equipment and good team members. The equipment under consideration should be inspected fully for safety. This is to be done for your own peace of mind.

For as long as the crane service is insured, you do not have much to worry about. Equipment inspection and other safety assurance will be the responsibility of the service.

There are many benefits of crane rental services. In this article, we list them all for you.

Better flexibility

The best part about crane rental services is that you do not have to buy cranes. It is much more flexible and convenient to hire a crane by the hour. If you buy your own cranes, you will have to worry about many things such as storage, inspection, repairs, staff, personal protective equipment, and a lot more.

Latest technology

Good crane rental services keep their equipment up-to-date and hire the best staff in the market. Since the world of building and construction is rapidly advancing, the designs of cranes have also significantly changed. Today, a variety of powerful machines are available that significantly improve building efficiency. By hiring crane rental companies, you will not have to worry about the depreciating value of your own cranes.

Keeping down the cost

Of course, if you bought your own crane, the biggest hurdle would be the one-time capital cost. While it does not end there, it does not make much sense to spend $200k on a crane. On top of that, additional costs such as storage, repairs, fuel, and inspections will simply poke a deep hole in your wallet.

While working with crane rental companies, you only need insurance for the particular project at hand. After that, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your work is in safe hands. But for that, we suggest you always get help from professional and well-reputed contractors.

Prioritize your safety

The safety of employees is extremely important. This is why crane rental services make sure that they have seasoned professionals who operate the cranes. This way, you will not have to put your own employees in danger, especially when they lack the necessary training to operate a crane.

Increased efficiency

Modern lifting and moving machines come with amazing capacities and advanced features. These tend to significantly improve the efficiency of the project. So, your work can get done much faster and in a much safer way.


There are many other benefits of hiring crane rentals instead of buying your own cranes. But of course, we have included the ones that we consider are the most notable. As a rule, you should do some research before hiring crane rental services.

Make sure that the rigging services DC that you are planning to hire have the necessary experience. The company must also provide insurance and the best equipment in the market along with seasoned professionals to operate the machines. This way, you will get the best bang for the buck.