Are you an arborist who is planning to start a tree removal business? Or perhaps you are just curious about how tree removal companies are set up? In either case, you have certainly arrived at the right place.

In this article, we put together a range of tips that can help you in setting up a similar company for yourself.

Note that running a tree services can be a lucrative career. This is because trustworthy tree removal companies have a high demand throughout the world. And in countries such as US where there are a lot of trees per square km, such companies are a big requirement.

Though, it depends on a number of factors such as the demand in your area and the number of competitors you have. Once you are sure that this business is right for you, you are ready to take the first steps.

What it takes to run a tree removal company?

In this article, we put together certain tips that will tell you what it takes to run a tree removal company. These include:

Covering the basics

First of all, you must cover some basics regarding such companies. For instance, you must consider the capital that you require to start such a business. After all, you will need some tools. Furthermore, you may also have to collaborate with a crane rigging company so that the fallen trees can easily be removed.

Such things have a cost and so, your capital will depend on the services that you provide to your customers. In case you do not provide tree moving services, then it will be up to the customer to hire a crane.

However, providing an in-house crane moving service for the trees for an additional cost is always a plus. Though that comes later down the road and is not an absolute requirement for you in the beginning.

Getting licenses

In some states, tree removal companies require a license and hence, you must reach out to the specific authorities for that. In case you are an arborist, then it should not be difficult for you to get the license.

However, if you are a layman, then you may be required to complete certain certifications before you can start such a business.

Learning the ropes

Having some practical experience under your belt is always a plus. So, before you start your own firm, we suggest you do an internship with an existing company to learn their ways. This way you will also learn about tree diseases.

Companies are often welcoming to interns because they can of course, use their services and help. While at the same time, you will be getting the experience that you need. So, it is a win-win case for both of the parties.

Pricing for profit

Remember to price your service in a way so that it profits you. Your main goal is not to break-even, but to get profit out of your work. So, always think of it that way rather than just pricing without any profits.

Do not worry because every other company has similar pricing policies. So, do not hesitate about it and try to be bold. For as long as you offer unmatched service, you will have plenty of customers regularly.


Lastly, we suggest you take a look at different tree services MD operating in your area. Look at the services they offer and think what you could do to be different and better. For as long as you have the selling factor, customers will prefer you over other companies. This always go a long way into developing a consistent buyer base and this is how companies become successful.

Trees are nature’s way of providing comfort and shade to other beings. If they are in your backyard or garden they provide a boundary, protection, shade to sit in and read and for kids to play and add beauty to your house. However, it is better to part ways with your tree if it needs removing by hiring arborist services.

How To Know That A Tree Needs Removal?

Removing a tree that you have cared for, watered, protected and helped it grow is surely not easy, but you will have to take the decision or else it could harm you and your surroundings. It is better to let go of your beloved tree rather than make it become so weak that it falls on its own and destroys your garden, the landscape, your house and hurts someone. There are many signs that show that it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Some signs may not be oblivious to a layman but require the sight of a professional arborist. You should call in an expert tree removal service if you spot any of these issues:

  • The growth of your tree has become slow or your tree is not growing well
  • You see deep cracks and splits in the bark of the trees
  • If you see fungus and any holes in your trees that means your tree is heavily infested
  • If you see your tree has leaned unusually or is falling to one side then it needs removal
  • Dry, discolored and falling leaves extensively in the growth season is a sign that a tree has become weak
  • Hanging or falling branches is also an indication
  • Small twigs and small branches fall at the base of the tree
  • Growth of mushrooms at the base and decaying roots
  • If you see any of these sign sin your tree then it’s time to call in the professional tree removal service

The Right Time Call in the Tree Removal Service

The tree service professionals will come and examine the condition of your tree. If you are on the right note and have guessed that your tree has completely decayed, diseased, weak and is about to die then the tree removal service will remove.

The right time to remove your tree is very important as it will help make the process smooth and easy. The right time to remove a tree is in the winters. In the winter season the leaves are falling and the branches are bare, this way it gets easier and light to remove the tree. The best season for tree removal is the dormant season. The dormant season falls between late winter and early spring. The spring and summer season is the time when the leaves are growing and flowers are blooming so it is not wise to remove a green tree.

Many factors go into consideration when removing a tree. Season is just one of the factors, the growth time, the tree type, the cost and how much diseased or infected the tree is also matters a lot.

Usually tree removal in summer is more expensive as compared to the winter season. Cutting a tree where there is a lot of residential property or many other trees also will be costly as you have to take proper measures in removal so that houses, people and other trees are not harmed in the process.

To Remove or Not to Remove

If the tree is leaning towards one side or severely infested then it should be removed without any delay no matter what the season is as it can pose a threat to the nearby surrounding and other trees can also get infested with the same disease, fungus or insects. But if the condition is not that severe then you should go for the late winter season as it will save you cost and also the task will become easier.

Important Note for DIYers

Remember that tree removal is never a DIY task, professional tree services Chevy Chase are there for a purpose and attempting to remove can harm you greatly. Professionals are efficient and insured throughout the process.