A dishwasher provides ultimate convenience in your commercial kitchen every day, however it comes at a cost. To avoid higher electricity bills and minimize the footprint on the environment, you should be doing timely commercial dishwasher repairs. Here are the best tips for more efficient and greener dishwasher operation.

Make Sure To Get The Right Model Of Dishwasher For Your Use

When you are in the market for a commercial dishwasher, you will realize there are a plethora of options to choose from. The right thing to do is to make a list of the features and options that you require from such an appliance and then choose one that fits your needs.

Always Make Sure The Dishwasher Is Fully Loaded For Each Run

This is one of the most important steps for ensuring dishwasher efficiency. Instead of running the appliance to wash single dishes at a time, wait until the rack is full before initiating the wash sequence.

Make Sure To Turn Off The Appliance When Closing For The Day

Many restaurant kitchens have a practice of never turning off appliances when they leave for the day, and while this step makes sense in the case of something like a refrigerator or freezer where if the temperature rises, the inventory might be at risk of going bad, but for a dishwasher, doing that is just unnecessary wastage of resources.

Ensure That The Pressure Of The Rinse Water Is Always Optimal

The pressure of the water that is used to rinse the dishes initially to get rid of all the leftover gunk before it goes through the washing is important. It must be just right as a pressure that is too low will also result in inefficiency, as well as a pressure higher than necessary will mean wastage of water.

Do Check The Temperature Of The Water From Time To Time

When running your dishwasher, the key is to use as little but as hot water as possible before it turns to steam, to efficiently cut down the grease and get rid of hardened food bits from the dishes in as little amount of time as possible. This requires making sure that the temperature of the water coming into the appliance is already hot. Doing so will also help you minimize using the built in water heater functionality of the dishwasher, thereby ensuring less energy wastage and the heating coil in appliances is extremely power consuming.

Use The Auto Mode If You Have A Conveyer Style Dishwasher

The automatic mode on commercial dishwashers is designed to operate with the highest level of efficiency. It also ensures that the conveyor belt motor is not active unnecessarily at all times in order to perverse resources, and only utilizes the amount of water that is needed to wash the dishes for a full load. Most of the time, doing so is pretty straightforward with the control up front, but if you are unaware of how to enable auto mode on your dishwasher, consult your user manual or look up instructions online.

Keep The Unit Sealed During Operation To Prevent Heat Loss

Commercial dishwashers have a curtain of plastic strips at the entrance and exit which is designed to trap the temperature inside and ensure efficiency. Make sure that they are always in proper working conditions as unnecessary loss of heat can lead to improper operation of the dishwasher, poor quality wash, often requiring you to run the dishes through the appliance for another cycle, which also uses excess water and consumes more electric power.

Make Sure To Get Regular Maintenance From Time To Time

Like with every other piece of hardware that undergoes wear and tear on a regular basis, especially on such a massive scale as a commercial dishwasher, an annual, or more preferably, a biannual inspection and maintenance of your appliance is necessary in order to minimize the effects of the strain. By the help of commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA services, you can get the damaged parts replaced in time. With this, not only can you ensure high efficiency of your dishwashing equipment, but also preserve its life in the long run. This rule applies to all of your commercial kitchen appliances.