Remodeling a garage had always been a famous trend in the recent years, but it also requires a lot of thought and good design.The home addition builder can also give you suggestions based on your preference, but these tips are also helpful.

Since homes have larger sizes today and utility vehicles have become popular, homeowners have been going beyond the limits of what garages are for. A typical garage is a storage den with wall-to-wall cabinets because a lot of storage is needed for all the items that either no longer belong inside the house or they already look untidy. Knowing the cost, practices, and materials for a garage remodeling project is helpful in making you decide what to do with the garage.

What you need to know about Garage Remodeling

The shape and garage location

Careful planning is important according to designers and builders. The ceilings of garages are vaulted that reflect the roof’s contour, which indicates that you will have weird angles that will be challenging to design and storage. If you are in a cold area, be sure that you are fine with parking your car outside. You really do not want to dig out your car during winter because that is only an extra job for you.


Garages need good lighting just like other parts of your home. A homeowner should have enough time for garage light planning so that maximum results are achieved. One of the common light that garages use is a single shop light that is 4 feet high. These types of light easily attach to the ceiling and give enough amount of brightness. This one is excellent for homeowners who only park their car and then leave. However, there are homeowners who enjoy spending a lot of time in working in their garage. For instance, someone who works at home will require a different lighting for certain activities. Proper lighting will let the professional do the job duties without a warm overhead light.

The kind of garage you have

If you want to remodel your garage, you should determine if a detached or attached garage is a better for your needs. A lot of new housing plans opt for attached garages that give protection against inclement weather and provide a lot of storage. However, the aesthetic styles of attached garages are limited, and is less secure because they give another access to the house. Detached garages give you more options in the design, and they do not give a garage façade to your home. This kind of garage needs more space and the maintenance cost is more expensive.

Keep your eye on the details

Make sure that lighting, heating, cooling, and insulation are part of the remodeling ideas. You would also have to think about how you can change the garage door according to the style you want. Unless you are planning to seal everything completely, create another entrance so that you are not going to pull it up and down every time you go in and out of the garage. If you plan to use the garage for music recording or podcasting, soundproof the garage and add requisite outlets. In addition, you also have to decide on what needs to be done with everything that is in the garage’s current setup, even the lawn mower needs to be included.

Garage floors

Do not forget the garage floor and most of them are built on concrete. This type of foundation will feel cold, look dull, and be unappealing. After some time, the floors of the garage have paint spilled on them and will become discolored over time. Moreover, homeowners do not spend a lot of money into the flooring of their garage. If this area is not a living space, putting garage paint could do wonders. This is for the homeowners who will change a living space to a garage floor tile because it is a better option. The tile is more durable for a flooring and can hold a lot of heavy furniture pieces. Although, any flooring that you will install on a flat concrete with a vapor barrier is good too.

Follow these tips and you can also have a retail remodel washington dc option to save money.