Hairdreams hair extensions are so natural that it is not noticeable to a person who does not know that you are wearing a hair extension.  Your hair stylist selects the matching hairdreams strand suitable for the structure and color of your natural hair. He will also oversee the correct placement and will ensure that perfect result is achieved.

A certified hairdreams professional usually will not agree to carry out your hair extensions if he feels that perfect and natural looking result is not be attainable in a particular case. For example if you are having short hair and wants to make it long with the help of hairdreams extensions, he may not accept your work. He will try to make you understand the real pros and cons of your situation and explain the best option in your case.

As hairdreams have huge range of colors. It will not be difficult to find out the exact color shade matching to your requirement.  In most cases the hair salon people make use of two to three colors for obtaining better results which looks completely natural. If your color shade is not achievable even after mixing two to three shades as stated above, your hairdreams specialist will custom-make the color suitable for your hair color. Or he will color the special strands of the hairdreams strands in the salon himself.

Can hair extension be felt?

As the hair extensions are very small they are hardly noticeable. There are two main categories of hairdreams bondings known as standard bonding and comfort point bonding.  Comfort point bonding come in three sizes.  This diversity allows a perfect fit of your hairdreams bonding to your head.  All these bondings are 5-6 mm in length and they differ only in its strand size.

How the hair strands are removed?

Hairdreams removal solution is used by your hairdresser to remove the hairdreams strands. This is a special solution that is used for removing the extension gently. When this solution is applied, they penetrate the bonding material. The bonding material softens and it becomes easier to slide them out. This solution does not damage your original hair on the head as well as the hair in the extension.

For those who are using hairdreams extensions it is better to do tidy-up cut at least four to six weeks to ensure easy removal of the extensions.        During the service of your hair, the fallen hair that got stuck in the bonding are cut in order to avoid matting.  Your hair stylist will charge hourly rate for removal of strands as well as tidy-up cut. It is always good if you could clarify the above points with your hair dresser before opting for hairdreams extensions.

How long hair extensions last?

The life period of hairdreams hair extensions Potomac are dependent on many factors like your rate of hair growth,  volume and structure of your hair, and the hair style desired by you.

As the natural hair grows the bondings slowly move away from the scalp.  This makes bondings visible after four to six months and therefore its removal becomes unavoidable. If the hair used in hair bonding is of superior quality, then it can be reused for another one or two periods. For this service known as re-bonding and it allows the hair to  be worn up to 1.5 years. You should visit hair extension salon in rockville.

Most wigs and hair extensions are made using synthetic fiber. But human hair is the most sought out material as it is natural looking and is easier to style in the manner one wishes. If your hairline is declining  and you do not like hair transplantation, then it is high time that you start thinking about hair extensions.

All you need to know about human hair extensions

Remi hair is obtained from different countries. Flexibility and resilience are the important properties of human hair that makes it most attractive. The cuticles present in the human hair are preserved. This type of hair lasts longer than its counterpart synthetic hair. Unfortunately human hair is more costly than synthetic hair because of the above properties possessed by it. Synthetic hair and hair extensions are rather cheap. But they are hard to work with and get damaged easily.     These are the reasons for the priority given to human hair by hair stylists as well as customers. The important reasons for the superiority of human hair are detailed below.

Easy to style

Human hair is manageable; it can be curled, straightened and treated.  Dyes can be applied so that it matches to the natural hair color of the person using it. This quality is obtained due to the fact that the cuticle of the hair is not damaged during the manufacturing process. Human hair extension lasts longer than synthetic hair extensions.

It can be washed

Hair extensions using natural hair can be washed and treated as natural hair. This is the main reason for the popularity of the human hair extensions. By proper maintenance its originality can be maintained and it does not turn frizzy.

It comes in different varieties

Remy human hair is collected from different countries lying in different continents. So the hair of different varieties is available and one can get the type of hair which is most suitable for him. The client has the freedom to choose Mongolian, Indian, European, Brazilian etc according to his choice. All these types of hair are supple, sleek and smooth.   It is always better to select Remy human hair matching to the ethnicity of buyer.

It can be correctly aligned

Another peculiarity of human hair is that it can be perfectly aligned to suit the style needs of the client.  This helps to maintain your hair style undisturbed, even after attaching hair extensions. Remy human hair has perfect bounce, volume, and authenticity. This is one of the reasons for the increased cost of this type of hair. It can by dyed, styled and taken care of as per the preference of the user. As it last longer and is very much manageable, human hair is always preferred by hair extensions salon rockville md around different parts of the universe.