Wedding is a day where two families rejoice over the union of two sweethearts. Although you need to manage the vendors and wedding tent rentals, you shouldn’t forget that there’s one very special person that deserves to be specially acknowledged on this day – it is your mother.

Here’s how you can make your mum feel special at your wedding.

Wear Her Wedding Gown Instead Of Buying A New One

Mothers and daughters share quite a special bond, don’t they? Daughters are the dearest to their father but they always see a confidant in their mother. They can confess anything to their mother even if it is something they would want to be hidden from the rest of the world. A mother-daughter duo is quite exceptional, so to say.

It is absolutely incumbent on you to pay a tribute to your mother on your wedding day. You can do so via different means but here’s an idea: try not to buy a new wedding gown from an expensive store. Instead, try and modify your mom’s wedding dress and flaunt it on your special day. You would pay homage to your mother in vintage style.

Let Her Walk Down The Aisle Alongside You And Your Father

Brides usually go hand in hand with their father and their mother’s completely amiss. Ditch that tradition by bringing your mother in. That does not mean your father has to be excluded from the scene. No, not at all. You should have both your parents by your side when you are walking down the aisle. Your mother contributed to your upbringing as much as your father did, so, what’s the point in walking down the aisle with only your father? Both should together give your hand to the man waiting at the altar. It is such a healthy change that you could spot at some of the weddings these days. On the plus side, traditions can always be improvised.

Leave Her A Special Note

You should try and write a special note to your mother and hand it over to her on your wedding day. It will make her feel so special. She would be touched and she’d definitely keep that note close to her for the rest of her life. It will be your way of thanking your mom for whatever she did for you, for whatever she sacrificed to bring comfort to you. And, she totally deserves it because she has probably done more than you can ever imagine. It will just be a small gesture of gratitude, and your mom is totally deserving of it.

Include Her In Your Speech If You Are To Give One

If you are to say a few words at your wedding, you should never forget to include people close to your heart. Of course, the love of your life should be the focal point of your wedding speech – he deserves to be the heart and soul of your speech but the family shouldn’t be forgotten at all. People who have a hand in making you who you are deserve a special acknowledgment, don’t they? Your mother might have dreamt of seeing you as a bride since you were in her lap. She so deserves to be part of your speech that too in a memorable way.

Have A Photo Corner Showcasing Your Family Photos

Your family is your kith and kin and they would be super happy seeing you starting your life anew with the person you love the most. It is better to include them in everything at the wedding, so to speak. You can arrange a photo corner where you showcase your family photos – photos of when you and your siblings were kids, photos of when you were in high school, photos of your parent’s wedding and so on and so forth. All these memories that were captured years ago must come alive and make your family teary-eyed. There’s no better time to relive your memories than a wedding, of course.

Embrace Your Family Traditions

There must be some traditions and customs particular to your family, why not cherish them? If you celebrate your family traditions at your wedding, your people would feel special as they rightly deserve so. If one of your grandparents is still alive, they would love to see you following in their footsteps. There must be something your grandmother passed onto your mother and your mother would want to pass onto you. Hold it dear!


Mothers are truly a blessing from God if we learn to count them as one. Make sure your mother does not get overshadowed and she’s included in everything. You should also give here details of your plans of which caterer and wedding party rental Rockland NY you will hire, so she feels included in your wedding.