If you’re performing kitchen remodeling, then you need to consider these ideas, because these are game changers and will transform your kitchen.

Multipurpose Space

When remodeling your kitchen, you really need to think about how you can use the existing space smartly. If you have a small kitchen, then you want to remodel it in a way so that things can be used in a variety of ways.

One great example is a kitchen island which can double up as a cooking space or dining area. It’s going to save so much space and money and you will be surprised how a small space can turn multifunctional.

Another great idea is having a breakfast bar turned dining area. You can have a bigger breakfast bar made for your kitchen, so it can host a couple of people.

Good Lighting

Another great feature of a kitchen is good lighting. This might be a very insignificant thing to consider for a kitchen remodel, but the right lighting will make all of the difference. The fixtures can double up as décor and you can also use lights to illuminate the cabinets and countertops in your kitchen.

This is a great design and the end result will be amazing and eye-catching. You will thank yourself for thinking about the lighting in the long run, especially if you have a darker space and want to illuminate it with pretty lights.

Stylish Cooking Range

If your existing cooking range needs replacing, then this is the perfect time to get a new and high-tech one. Everyone adores a shiny and spotless cooking range with multiple functions and features.

A new cooking range will last you a long time once you splurge on it and it will be an investment for the future if used properly, a cooking range can last up to 20 years, if not more. It can be an expensive thing to include in a remodel, but it will be worth it in the end and you will get a lot of use out of it.

Storage, But Better

A pantry is a kitchen must, but you can make it a lot better by making it look stylish. There are so many kitchen pantry ideas that are perfect for small kitchens and they are also quite discreet and hidden, so they are perfect for a modern kitchen remodel.

You can have a pantry area that can open and close like a refrigerator or if you want to save space, you can have a pantry that is in the form of glorified drawer space, and in this, you can add tons of produce, food supplies, and canned food for eating and meal prepping.

Pot Filler

A very convenient way and an amazing kitchen remodel idea is a pot filler. It is a long and adjustable tap set just above the stovetop. This makes for easy pot filling for when you’re making pasta, rice, and other things that need to be boiled.

This is convenient in the sense that you don’t need to carry around huge pots to the sink and fill them with water and bring them back to the stovetop. You can do it all in one place with zero spills and it takes less time too.

Advanced Appliances

A kitchen remodel is the right time to revamp or replace your old appliances. It’s best to get multifunctional and two-in-one products. They take up less space in the kitchen, they are easy to use and everything is in one place, so there’s no fuss at all. For instance, you can get a food processor and blender, a coffee machine with a frothing cup and the list goes on.

Appliances are, again, one of those things which will last forever, once you splurge on them and they can be really useful around the kitchen when making different types of foods.


There you have it! These features and ideas are not only meant to make the kitchen look beautiful, but they are also functional and practical, which is even better. Discuss your preferences with your kitchen remodeling contractor Bowie to come up with more ideas and features that are practical and also improve the appearance of the kitchen.