All events have a theme around which people plan the dresses, decorations and more. So, what about a wedding? Does your special day need to have a theme? Should I focus on it when selecting wedding tent rental packages? Keep on reading to find out.

You Do You

Whether you want to pick a theme for your special day or not, it’s totally up to you. Don’t try to jeopardize your big and special day just because of some theme that you are not even going to like. This is your day and the wheel is in your hands. Steer the day however you like and don’t give into pressures that you need to have a specific theme for it.

If you don’t feel like it, then you absolutely don’t have to do it. The last thing you want is to look back on your wedding day and regret how things happened.

Start With A Location

If you want to have a theme for your wedding, then you need to start with the very important thing, which will set the mood for everything. The location matters a lot if you are looking for themes. If you want to have a whimsical feel to your wedding, then the venue needs to be appropriate with a magical feel to it. If you want to go for a forest theme, then a place with a lot of trees and greenery is a jackpot. These locations will look beautiful in pictures and you will love the results.

The Décor Comes Next

Next comes the decorations and things which will pull the event together. The décor also needs to compliment the theme. It’s not about having everything matched, it’s about complimenting things. For a woodsy and whimsical wedding, the décor should consist of fresh plants and wooden pieces. The coasters and utensils also need to have complimenting features of the theme which will tie everything together.

If you want, you can even get the wedding cake to look like something which came out of a story book. These small things will look extremely beautiful and your wedding pictures will be the speaking truth of these additions.

Theme Appropriate Dresses

You can’t have a complete theme, unless you have dresses which go along with it. It doesn’t mean that you have to get full on fairy or magical dresses. Again, it’s about adding those small complimenting features to the looks of the bridesmaids and groomsmen which will add to the entire theme.

For example, you can add flowers to your hair and make hairstyles which look almost whimsical and soft. The makeup can be simple with small whimsical touches. The groomsmen can have complimenting flowers as the bridesmaids. These small things can add a lot of character to your dream theme wedding.

The Food

No wedding is complete without good food. If you want to incorporate themes in your food, then you can certainly do so. Instead of going for completely different foods which you haven’t tried before, you can add the effect of the theme by the use of cutlery and other utensils.

Adding flowers and twigs here and there will add a lot of style and before you know it, the food will blend in with the theme. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you have yourself a spectacular wedding that people will remember for years.

Compile Two Or More Themes

There is no need to stick to one theme if you are not feeling it. You can add two or more themes and make a custom theme for yourself which speaks to you and your significant other’s personality. A theme is nothing but a reflection of your personality on a certain event. You can get creative with different themes and add touches to your special day with a combination of different themes. Who says you need to stick to one theme for your special day? Make it as funky and cool as you want.

Themes do make an event more personal and intimate and if the theme fits you and your significant other, then it makes the day all the more special because of the small decorations and additions. Make sure to keep your wedding party rental Maryland in the loop for spectacular themes.