Even if we don’t want to confront the truth that the romantic relationship we assume to be SO in love with is, is actually not THE One, things happen that constantly nag us to snap us out of the fantasy world we have created for ourselves. It’s only when things near the end do we realize that it was in the first place not meant to be!

So how do you know he/she is not the right one?

You Can Imagine Your Life Alone

When you are attracted to the wrong person, you can never fit that person into your long-term plans. Try as you might you will feel it yourself that whenever your mind drifts to what you plan to do or achieve, you will never find the person by your side.

You Don’t Feel An Emotional Connection

It doesn’t matter if you think you people are uncontrollably into each other at the beginning, it doesn’t mean you people are emotionally into each other. An emotional connection means a long-term affair. It means you have to face the truth that there are going to be some flaws and scars that you have to deal with. If you are prepared to stick and love the bad sides as well as wait out the times you will hate each other, it’s commitment and an emotional bond.

You Don’t Bring Them Into Your Activities

If you make exciting plans without them, it’s a sign that you are separating ways, that it wasn’t as meaningful a bond as you thought of it. When you people are right for each other, your plans are empty without the other person. You subconsciously include them in your plans.

You Do Not Have The Same Values

In any relationship, friendship is important. Even if you have differences there are ways that you can sort it out IF you are actually in love and right for each other. If the person is not meant to be then the differences get to big to be solved and create a chasm that cannot be crossed.

Practicing Out Before Speaking It

When you get uncomfortable by speaking out your mind and heart in front of one another, then you are not close enough. Your relationship is weak. The foundation of a strong relationship means you speak out without even thinking because you know the person you are talking to is part of you and knows you well.  With the right one, you don’t need to practice and tailor words that could convey the message.

Acceptance Of Your Close One Doesn’t Matter

The person who means nothing to you really would not be an issue if your friends of circle or family love them or not. When you like someone dearly, acceptance of your close ones means so much to you. You want them to love the person as much as you do, you want him/her to be part of your circle of close people. But if there is nothing nothing-term you wouldn’t care.

These are few of the signs which indicate that you are attracted to the wrong person.