Ice machine is a standalone appliance used to make ice in a house. It is also available as an industrial machine used for making ice in bulk quantities.  Usually the word refers to standalone appliances. Ice is produced in the generator part of an ice machine.  In this article I am going to give some tips for carrying out Manitowoc Ice machine repair. Evaporator and other controls are directly involved in ejecting ice so that it can be easily stored in the storage. Ice machine usually comes as a package comprising all the above parts.

Manitowoc Ice machine repairs

As customers usually expects ice in their drinks.  So, when  used in any shops it should never stop working. If it is having some problems, most often it can be solved by some routine adjustments. If some serious problem is involved it may require the service of a ——–agencies. Manitowoc ice machines are usually supplied with user’s manual form which solutions for minor problems can be found out.

Ice Machine Repair

If the ice machine is not working, check whether the electrical power is not available due to some connection problems. Check the cables and try to plug the cord to another receptacle. If it is not working yet, you can check the supply line by connecting to some hand held device which is in working condition.

Circuit breaker

Check whether the circuit breaker is tripped or whether the fuse is blown. These can be accomplished by checking your box. Sometimes the on/off/wash switch may be having some problem in its functioning. Check for this defect and if necessary replace it or make some minor adjustments so that the problem is solved and the device starts working.


If the damper remains in open position, the machine will shut off till all foreign substances or ice are cleared.  Make sure that the damper is in upright position and the cable is capable of swinging freely.

Machine not releasing ice

This can happen due to various reasons. The first thing to do if the machine is not releasing ice is to clean and sanitize the machine. This can also happen if the ice machine is not resting in a flat position. So make sure that the machine is placed in a horizontal position on a strong platform. For air cooled machine the temperature of the area where the machine is placed must be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

In some cases problems can arise if the water controlling valve is leaking when it is under harvest mode. In such cases it is better to replace the valve by a new one. If the problem still persists then it is better get the services form   a commercial ice maker maintenance fairfax agency.