Balayage hair highlights have become a thing of the century. Many hair salons specializing in color treatments are doing these balayage highlights. It’s because it has become very popular. It originated in France in the late 20th century.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a highlighting technique which was started back in the 1970s. It is basically a free hand technique of highlighting the hair without using foils or cap. The best thing about balayage hair highlights is that anybody can have it. It does not matter if you have long hair or a bob cut, you can go for balayage.

It actually needs very little maintenance. In this technique, the color is applied by hand without using any tools. The colorist will sweep through your hair for the perfect color.

You need to know t about balayage hair highlights:

  1. It Is Not Painting

According to the hair salons specializing in color, balayage does not mean painting your hair. The literal translation of this word is sweeping. That is exactly what is done in this process. The colorist will make sections and sweep the color. He will have more control because he will not be touching your scalp, but some strands of your hair. The balayage highlights are very natural.

  1. It Is Not Only for Blondes

You might think that it is only for blondes because they have the perfect natural shade for highlights. This is not the case. Even the brunettes and redheads are getting balayage highlights. Depending on your hair color the colorist might bleach your hair before. That is how you can get these highlights even on your black hair.

  1. You Should Get a Haircut Before

If you are planning for a haircut, do it before you get these highlights. It is because these highlights are at the ends of your hair. If you get a haircut after getting the highlights, you might cut away the best part. That is why you have to trim your hair beforehand so that you can enjoy these highlights for a longer period.

  1. The Best Solution for Grey Hair

If you have the problem of grey strands, you can always choose balayage highlighting technique. Not only it will be stylish, but will also cover your grey hair. In this way your grey hair can actually be quite helpful to enhance your overall look.

  1. Arrive with Unwashed Hair

If you are getting multiple processes, it is better that you wait for 48 hours after you take a shower, and then you go for highlights. The natural oils will protect your hair. The greasy scalp will actually become a shield so that the color will not damage. But if you are getting a single process, you should wash your hair so that the color can stay longer.

  1. The Maintenance

The best thing about balayage highlights is that your hair will grow naturally, and highlights will remain at the ends. As compared to other highlighting techniques, balayage highlights last longer. Whereas the foil highlights will need a touch up after 6 weeks almost. Balayage highlights can stay as long as 4 months. You will not have to worry about your hair growth, because the highlights do not start with the roots.

  1. Best Shades of Balayage

There are certain balayage colors which are very trendy this year. For example, Pearly balayage has a sandy brown base color with light pinkish and purplish highlights. The Rose Quartz balayage is very trendy in 2018. It actually resembles the rose quartz stone. The Peach balayage is easier because it does not require base color. The Blue balayage has also become very popular this year. It requires a great deal of courage to pull off this color.

  1. Styling Techniques

The best and most trendy styling technique of balayage highlights is loose curls. According to hair salons specializing in balayage, you should not apply too much heat to your colored hair. You can use blow dryer for curling your hair instead of a curling iron. In this way, you will not directly apply heat to your hair. You can always go with the straight hair, but loose curls are trendier. You can even curl your shoulder length hair which will enhance the look of your highlights.