If you want a sleek and evergreen countertop for your kitchen, then you should head over to a quartz workshop to see the variety of designs and patterns available for your kitchen countertops.

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Amidst the natural kitchen countertops such as granite and marble, man-made quartz countertops are quickly making its way into the market due to its versatility in designs and many qualities such as solid and sturdy material, scratch free properties, affordable, nonporous nature making it free of stains, bad smells and antibacterial.

Kitchen countertops features

The quartz countertop fabricator is the best alternative to natural stone as it is made up of ground quartz mixed with a little resin and color and can attain any natural look of any stone and combines the imitation of lamination and stone. If you want to go for a quartz countertop fabricator, then go to any quartz workshop in your vicinity to choose the quartz countertop according to your requirements. Below are a few tips to select the best quartz countertop.

Size and Thickness

To choose a countertop form the quartz workshop, you will first need to determine the size and thickness of your preferred countertop. Generally, a countertop should be of a 1.25-inch thickness and quartz countertop come in varied thickness. So you will need to select the one that is according to your size.

Edges and Finishing

You can go for any edges or finish according to your preferences. Quartz countertops can be constructed into any edge you want, such as waterfall, rounded, straight, pencil or other sleek edges. Some certain kind of edges may require extra slabs of quartz to give a finished look an edge.


If you have a certain cost in mind and you do not want to exceed beyond that cost then you will need to select the quartz countertop accordingly. If you want to go for a customized edge and design, then the cost will increase as compared to regular and straight edged countertop.

Colors and Designs

The quartz countertops can be made into a variety of patterns, designs, and colors and can imitate even the most expensive of granite and marble. So first you will need to pick a color combination and design of your kitchen and cabinets and then decide the color you want or your quartz countertop.


Your contractor will be needing the measurements prior to making the quartz countertop as he will need to know your requirements, whether you want a cooktop or a sink and faucet in between the countertop. He will need to know the basic construction work, design and how many holes and fixtures to add before making the quartz countertop according to your design.

Know The Materials

Most contractors do not state the amount of quartz, resin and polymers used. If you wish for a more natural quartz countertops fabricator Rockville MD then less resin should be used while for a laminated look then the quantity of resin, color pigments and polymers is increased. So make sure to ask your contractor how much of each material is being used.