There are few things that usually house buyers forget while making a final deal and then they regret it later. Below is the list of those few things which every house buyer must keep in their minds according to real estate agents.

Location is Very Important

Due to limited budget or any other reason, people neglect the factor of location of house which is very important to consider. It plays a major role in your living standard, bringing up your kids, their surroundings, extra activities, social life, traveling and so on. In short, it has an effect on everything which is a part of your life. So, make sure you are choosing a location which is perfect for your kids, their education and especially it does not make your commuting difficult. An ideal location should be not far away from the main roads but not too close as well so as to not get affected by traffic. Also, if there are pools or parks in your nearby areas then try to buy a house near to these locations.

Resale Value

It is yet another important factor which many people miss to consider as buying a house is a long term project and you don’t intend to sell it away soon. But no matter if you have no intention of selling it soon, you should know that the house you are going to buy is worthy enough to resold with a good price when needed. Check the market price from past for comparison and know about key points of the house you are going to finalize the purchase deal. It may benefit you or your children, this point should be in your mind before buying any house.

Check the Neighborhood

As explained in location importance of a house, neighborhood also has a very important effect on your life. A good and cooperative neighborhood is always a priority as you basically share your lives with them especially when your family is living far away. You will greet them, share problems related to maintenance of house or area, can call upon them in need but not every person is lucky to have such neighbors.

As there are some tough neighbors who make life difficult for other people and you feel miserable as you cannot buy a house again and again. Remember it is a long term deal which cannot be changed anytime you wish. Apart from this, neighborhood areas are very important where you forget to check the factors like you have a nearby grocery store, good schools, a hospital, crime rate in that area, and so on.

Home Inspection Before Signing Purchase Contract

Many people either skip this step completely or do not pay much attention to the house repairs needed. However, they don’t concentrate that these findings can help you in negotiating your final deal. Or you have a complete right to ask the previous owner to get everything repaired before you sign a purchase contract.

Number of Bathrooms

This is something many people do not pay attention to and then they regret to not consider this important factor before purchasing the house. People mostly prefer attached bathrooms inside bedrooms these days while the house might have only one common bathroom if it is very old. Also, some people prefer to have a bathroom even in drawing room while someone gets offended by this. So, check the number of bathrooms first and see your family preferences before making a final deal with seller.

Age of House

Generally, people neglect this factor as least important while it is actually the most important to think about. Older the home is, older will be the construction, walls and all related items of the house. No doubt that older houses are strong but they definitely require some renovation, upgrades and repairs. Either ask seller for doing that before you purchase the house or you can make a deal of reducing price so you can get it done yourself as per your choices and preferences. Also, the kind of construction and interiors may also need upgrade as bedroom shapes were quite different in the past few decades. Same goes for living rooms so a good advice is to deduct some amount from seller’s deal and get your new house upgraded as per your choices.

Not Hiring a Reliable Real Estate Agent

If you’re in DC and you haven’t hired a good buyer’s agent DC for your house buying process, you may end up in various hurdles. Remember that you need an agent for buying house.