Being a dentist is a tough job. Not only is it important that you keep up with the latest developments and techniques but also find new ways to attract customers for scalable growth. In a world, where digital marketing and review management tools are utilized by every business to track customers and their needs and preferences, why should dentists be left out? Therefore, we are going to share some important digital marketing tips that will either help you if you already have an existing digital presence or starting from scratch.

Create And Optimize Your Google My Business Page

The first and most important digital marketing tip for dentists is to create and optimize their Google My Business Page. When it comes to your local SEO strategy, your Google My Business Page plays a central role. Essentially, your Google My Business Page is a verified source of your business hours, days, practices and location, etc. This is the first thing that will pop up when patients are seeking dentists for their dental works. This is why you need to make sure that your Google My Business listing is optimized to end up at the top of the search list.

Optimize Your Website

Even though you might have the most beautiful building to house your patients and dental services, but they will not be of any use if you do not have a website. In addition to having one, you should keep it optimized as well. Similar to your Google My Business page, your website will also pop-up in Google search listings when patients search for it.

While your Google My Business page gives your patients all the important information regarding appointments and contact, your website will share all the necessary information about the services you offer along with the practices. There is a lot that you can do with your website such as including patient reviews and testimonials. You can allow patients to book their appointments online. Introduce your staff members, dentists, and the office environment.

Considering the fact that people mostly spend their time on cell phones, they are most likely to make an appointment if your website is easy to navigate and answers all their queries. This means that your website should also be optimized for mobiles.

Get Online Reviews

In the past, the only way to make appointments or purchases was to personally visit the clinics or shops, etc. However, today, especially considering the pandemic, people prefer to shop and make appointments online. Plus, the first thing patients would like to do when they are searching for the right dental practices is surf the internet.

Once they stumble upon a reputable service, they would like to go through online reviews and testimonials. If they observe that the page has a massive following but relatively fewer testimonials and reviews, they will sense something fishy.

A lot of businesses out there put up fake reviews and testimonials, which means that you should be careful. Online reviews can be a great tool to attract customers but can turn lethal if utilized the wrong way. Therefore, make sure that you ask your patients for reviews once the services have been provided and share them without twisting to highlight transparency.

Invest In A Long-Term SEO Strategy

As a dentist, you should always try to capture potential customers in your local area. The reason is that people always look for the nearest dentist online with the most reputation. At the same time, a lot of dentists are acquiring new patients just through local search experiences.

With that said, you need to make sure that your website content is always top-notch and you don’t use any fluff to damage the ranking. Plus, use the right keywords and visuals to inform and educate your parents about why they should consider your services.

This long-term SEO strategy will work for years to come. Many businesses lose out on competition just because they ignore the basics. However, if you were to hold on to them in the meantime, you can improve your rankings.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you acquire new patients. Make sure that you keep your content updated, invest in your website, and improve your search rankings. Use credible digital marketing tools and review management software to level up your game.

Dealing with upset customers is an art that all companies should master. If there are negative reviews by the disappointed users or using positive review generator, you should use the best review management software.

Maximizing customer experience

Here are more tips to handle the upset customers.

  1. Stay Calm

It happens with every business that they see many upset customers. Such users have issues with the products or the services, not with the company. So you need to be calm and try to understand what went wrong and why the customer is disappointed. Never talk in aggressive way with such customers because this will not solve the problem. It can further ruin your brand reputation. Choose words carefully while talking to such users.

  1. Never Take It Personally

The disappointed customers may have problems with the products or staff. No customer has an issue with the company. So the customer care workers should not take it personally. The customers want their issues to be resolved. If they want a product to be changed or replaced, it should be done. The brand should try its best to solve the issue of the customers the way they want.

  1. Use Active Listening

The upset customer should be given respect. They should be given a chance to clear the problem. Whereas the company should listen to the disappointed customers carefully. When they explain the issue, you should understand and reach a conclusion that where mistake was made by the workers or teams. As you talk to them, show respect and be polite. This may make them cool down.

  1. Speak Softly

You might have seen angry customers and they speak harshly and even use abusive languages. This is a test of nerves for the customer representative to deal with angry users. While you deal with them, try to be soft and speak politely. They may feel better and share the problem in a better way. Never try to be abusive with any upset customer because you will just lose a potential customer.

  1. Actively Empathize

The disappointed customers sometimes take their complaints back when a kind customer care reprehensive talk to them. The company should show empathy for the users and make them believe you realize and understand their problem. Let them feel you are doing your best to resolve the problem and fix things for them. You may not be able to fix the issue instantly but you can give them some time and request to relax.

  1. Find a Solution

The complaints from the upset customers should be immediately sent to the relevant department. The teams should be ordered to resolve the problem and update the customer. There should be a time period when the customer will get a solution to the problem.

Delaying it or making excuses will further worsen the situation. Sometimes customers speak bad about companies on social sites and leave negative reviews when their issues are not addressed despite promises. Companies can use the best review management software or a positive review generator to manage such reviews.

  1. Try to Offer Refunds

To refund the payment or money paid by the customers for their products is not an issue for established companies. The small and medium size companies should also try and offer refunds to the customers if they feel the user is not satisfied in any way. Instead of getting a negative review, it is better to refund the amount to the customers. Negative reviews can prevent further customers to buy your services or products.

  1. Take Actions and Follow Up

As you see the customer feels satisfied, the company should hold the responsible people accountable for this mistake. If the customer had issues with products, the company should get their feedback on they want things to be like. In case of support or service problems, the workers should be advised to respect and take care of users.

  1. Get Their Feedback

Lastly, when the company manages to pacify angry customers and fix their issues, it should ask for their feedback and review. Otherwise you will need a review management software to update reviews. The feedback of the upset customers sometimes highlights serious issues so they should not be ignored just because they were angry or unhappy.