Limestone is a great choice of material for kitchen countertops. Countertops made of limestone are easy to clean, manage and maintain and many people are choosing limestone over granite for countertop replacement. Here is everything you need to know about limestone countertops.

It Needs To Be Cleaned With Inert Cleaners

If you paid any attention in science class, then you might know that limestone is a very reactive stone and it will react vigorously with acids and other chemicals. This is why you need to be careful when selecting cleaners for your limestone kitchen countertops.

You want to go for cleaners that have no acid or harsh chemicals in them. You want the cleaner to be chemically inert. If you are having a hard time finding such cleaners, then you can make your own cleaning solution with some lukewarm water and detergent. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the countertops and you will be good to go.

Sealing Makes It Last Longer

Limestone is a porous rock and in order to make it last longer, especially in the kitchen where there is a lot of water usage, then you will need to seal them. It is an extra step in maintaining the stone, but you will thank yourself in the future for going through this hassle and you will see for yourself that the countertop will endure much less damage and it will last longer for years to come.

It Can Be Stained By Heat

One of the major drawbacks of limestone is that it can be stained and ruined by heat. It is advised that you don’t put hot pots and pans directly on the surface of limestone countertops. Try to use a cutting board or invest in trivets. They are an amazing way to deal with hot things if you must put them on the countertop.

A trivet or chopping board will act as a barrier between the countertop and the hot item. The trivet will also let heat pass from the bottom of the pan into the atmosphere so that the pot cools more quickly.

It Has A Beautiful Appearance

One of the biggest traits of limestone is that it is a beautiful material. The light background colors and the veining of the stone is something you don’t see every day in natural stones. Most stones are darker in color and although they are just as beautiful, they lack that softness and brightness.

Limestone fills in all of the voids of beauty in natural stone countertops. The kitchen looks different and extremely beautiful when you have light-colored countertops installed on the surface. It is a great choice of material for kitchen countertops if you are looking for something which will look bright and beautiful.

Polish Or Not, It Will Be Lustrous

Limestone is a naturally lustrous material. It has a sheen to it which makes it look very glossy and it looks amazing when the light comes into the kitchen and reflects on the shiny surface of the countertop. You can also use polish or varnish to make the countertop look even more glossy. This part is completely optional and you don’t even need to touch up the countertop with polish, because the luster on the countertop is natural, and as long as you seal it, the shine will stay there and it won’t diminish.

It Is Cheaper Than Most Stones

As far as natural stones are concerned; limestone is probably the cheapest natural stone out there. Compared with granite and marble, limestone is a cheaper alternative with all of the benefits and beauty. So, why spend more money on a natural stone when you can get limestone?

It is a great choice if you don’t want to put a dent in your wallet and it is quite reasonably priced. It is great for people who want a natural stone, but not at the price of a fortune, so it’s the best option to go for.


There you have it! Limestone is a great material and now with these things in your mind, you can decide whether you want to go for it or not, for your kitchen. Visit the online store or office of a granite company NC to see different natural stone materials for kitchen countertops.