Whether you have year-round or seasonal allergies, it can put a serious damper on your quality of life, but you can get the help you need from allergy shots.

All you need to know about allergy shots

Although allergen immunotherapy may require a lot of effort and time on your part, its benefits can actually change lives and can even help for a long time for patients of all ages. The effectiveness of these shots for young adults and children alike is well known, with a certain study revealing that these can also be effective even for the older adults. These shots are found to help reduce symptoms of hay fever in patients aged 65 up to 75 years old to as much as 55% after 3 years, thus reducing the need for any medication by 64 percent.

Experts say that everyone is different, and that is true that not all people response well to these shots. However, for the rest, these can make a big difference like night and day. There are many patients who used to be very miserable but are now doing better and enjoying things they weren’t able to do before thanks to these shots.

If you happen to have an allergy, and you are planning to go for immunotherapy treatments, there are a few things you have to know about these shots.

These are Not for Seasonal Allergies Alone

Allergen immunotherapy can be effective for people suffering from hay fever and other forms of seasonal allergies yet these are also useful for year-round indoor allergies. These include dust mites, animal dander, and mold, as well as allergies to insect stings or bites. Sadly, these don’t work well for food allergies.

As for insect stings, these shots are almost curative. This is one of those times when people are urged to get shots as much as possible since this is a dangerous allergy. The shots are also ideal for those who don’t like to take medicines or don’t or can’t avoid things they are allergic to, like pets or the great outdoors.

These Can Make Eczema and Asthma Better

Every time people think of symptoms of allergy, they usually think of a runny or stuffy nose or itchy eyes, or even anaphylactic shock. Although shots can prevent these, they can help even with related conditions. If you often visit the asthma clinic va because of your condition, taking control of your allergies can help lessen flare ups, reduce the need for medications, and improve your breathing. The inflammatory skin issue eczema is also usually associated with or can be worsened by different environmental allergies.