Most real estate agents recommend to repair your house before selling it off but the question is:

How much should you invest in real estate?

According to a thumb rule, following areas of the house must be in good condition if you want a good offer for your house.

  1. External Part of The House

‘First impression is the last impression’

Maybe your house looks awesome from the inside but is a complete fiasco from the outside. Any person who would come to your house for property survey will be turned off.

External part of the house includes the area in front of the main door and the region surrounding the house. Porch, door condition, grass, lighting and cleanliness – everything matters.

  1. Lights

This includes both natural (sunlight) and artificial lights.

With appropriate lightening, your house space can appear larger. Clean your lighting utilities and replace the broken ones.

The intake of sunlight in house is also extremely important. For this purpose, ditch the heavy drapes which block the sunlight.

  1. Paint Job

If we see an automobile with a recent paint job, even without complete inspection, we make a good impression about that vehicle.

Same is the case with houses. If you paint your house, it will give a feeling of freshness. Seller’s agents recommend you to paint your house, especially if you haven’t had a paint job for two years.

Talk to your real estate agent to find out the best painters in your area. Who knows! You might even get some discount deals through your agent.

  1. Windows and Cupboards

A typical window design includes a glass, guarded by either a wooden or metallic framework. Sometimes the glass is broken, sometimes metal involves rust and sometimes the framework is sabotaged.

Normally, when a person goes to see a house, he/she will naturally take a look outside a window, see how things look from the angle.

Same is the case with cupboards. If they are dirty from inside, have broken locks and are not appealing, the buyer will lose his interest.

  1. Taps, Pipes and Drainage System

A lot of people think about selling a house when it becomes unbearable for them. They don’t care about the party which will live in the house, in future.

Taps, pipes and drainage system should be in tip – top condition. In some cases, if you sell a faulty house, you can also get sued so it’s best to give them therefor real estate agent urge you to sell a house in good condition.

  1. Floor

Depending upon your taste, your house may have chips, marble, limestone or hard wooden floor. You can have any floor – that is not the problem.

The problem lies in broken or ill-maintained floors.

Polish your floor and replace the broken tiles. Not only, it is enjoyable to spend time inside the house, refurnishing your house floor is an epitome of higher ROI ‘return on investment’.

  1. Ceiling

Over time, water starts to accumulate between bricks and beam blocks, resulting in seam. The seam tarnishes the paint and makes water drip.

It is an unpleasant sight to watch and definitely can make a deal go south. Also, if your house suffers from seam, any potential buyer will think buying this property is a lost cause, considering seam often comes back.

If you could repair the seam, the house will look good as new and will help make the mind of the buyer to buy this property.

  1. Other Small Repairs

There are things which cost only a few bucks but they either make or break your house deal. This includes broken locks, malfunctioning doorknobs and doors which are not in good shape.

You may think of them as something of less importance but they are what makes the impression of you (the owner) inside the mind of a buyer.

Getting a Pre-Sale Inspection

Seller’s agents recommend getting a pre-sale inspection. This is handy, especially if you have a limited budget and are unsure about which areas need the most attention.

A sellers agent washington dc will help you identify such areas from your house. If you don’t care about pre-sale inspection now, you will find yourself with lots of problems during the time of selling the house.