Spoon bending is a classic magic trick that most people have seen yet it’s still a popular magic trick that can amaze audiences. There are many ways and styles of doing the spoon bending magic trick and some require magic supplies like a bent spoon or two identical spoons, whereas some spoon bending tricks can be done with any spoon without damaging it.

Using An Unbent Whole Spoon

You can use a whole spoon to do the spoon bending trick. This is better for an audience that is in front of you and not around you.

You’ll hold the handle of the spoon with its bowl touching the table vertically and then show that you put pressure on the spoon and bent it. Then, put pressure again and make the spoon straight again.

The benefit of this trick is that you can do it with any spoon without any preparation time if you know the trick. So, you can go to a wedding party and take a spoon from the table for performing the trick. Make sure that the handle of the spoon is not too large.

Steps For Performing This Trick

  • Take a normal spoon and show the audience that it is a whole spoon made of metal.
  • Grip its handle with both hands and its bowl facing downwards on the table. Make sure that your dominant hand is on the lower half and your thumb is inside the grip and free so that the audience shouldn’t see.
  • While gripping the spoon, your both hands should cover the handle completely. The tip of the spoon handle should not peek out of your hand on the top.
  • Show that you’re pushing the spoon against the table and using your bare hands to bend it.
  • During this, while keeping your both hands in the vertical position and showing that you’re using force to bend the spoon, slowly push the spoon down. It will appear to the audience that the spoon is bending.
  • Keep pushing it down until it appears completely bent to the people in front of you.
  • Half of the trick is done, you have bent the spoon. The other half of the trick is making the spoon straight because you haven’t bent the spoon in reality, so showing that you used your bare hands to unbent the spoon will be exciting as well.
  • Simply reverse what you did in the above steps. Slowly pull the spoon’s tip to your hand while showing that you’re pushing the spoon against the table to make it straight again.
  • Show the audience the straight spoon.

Using A Bent Spoon And A Broken Spoon

Another method of bending a spoon involves a bent spoon and a broken handle of a spoon. Both spoons should be identical in appearance for this magic trick.


  • Take two spoons of the same color, size, and design. Cut the handle of one spoon while bending the other spoon. Make sure to sand down the sharp edges of the broken spoon handle.
  • Hold the bent spoon in your hand so that the bent part is concealed by the palm of your hand while the bowl is visible pointing to the right side if you’re right-handed. For left-handed people, the spoon bowl should point to the left.
  • Take the broken handle of the second spoon and hold it to the same handle showing that it’s the handle of the bent spoon to the audience.
  • With your style, show that you are bending the spoon with your mind while slowly lowering the broken spoon toward your palm. Don’t lose your grip on the spoon because it can fall down. Make sure that the two handles don’t make a noise when they touch each other.
  • When done, use both hands to show that the spoon is bent while sliding the broken to any hand that is holding the end where the handle of the spoon is.
  • Reveal the spoon clearly to the audience that it’s bent.

This spoon bending trick requires preparation but it appears more transparent and clean to the audience.


You can perform the spoon bending trick with the above two methods. You can visit a magic shop to find more tricks and props for magic tricks. ronjo