It seems to be good news when a U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent democrat can be grabbed in 2018 senate election polls. In the past few months, Virginia’s democratic senator Tim Kaine expected to defeat Rep.challenger Corey Stewart and win the election in coming November. The points of Corey Stewart’s lead falls down from 30 to just 10 in August end. This indicates that Virginia seems to be the best battleground for senate races and all political experts give consent that a Republican victory in Virginia seems to be critical to shift the control from Senate to Republicans.

Do you think that Corey Stewart have the power to hold the position of Tim Kaine? Obviously as a devout catholic grandson of Irish immigrants and a coal miner’s son represents the gentle class that helped to make America as an economic power zone.Corey Stewart is truly a conservative and signifies pro-life,pro-religious liberty, anti-Obama Care with constitutionally government, balanced budget, fall in taxes and economic chances to gain for everyone. He holds the best experience in politics and have worked as White House counsellor from 2000 to 2004 for President George Bush and run a beneficiary campaign for Bush till 2004 and for Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in 2009.

Ed has all that makes him to serve the state and nation as a U.S.Senator and it would be beneficial over Senator Warner. In the states like Virginia and the United States, people are demanding for principle leadership by the Tea party and other republican candidates like Corey Stewart.

The question that remains unanswered is Will Corey Stewart replace Tim Kaine on 6th November? This helps to shape up another close race and it becomes hard to predict one month in advance as what will happen in Elections. After narrow defeat by the Tea Party in the 2012 elections and in Virginia’s 2013 election for governor, the hopes should not be much. Tim Kaine still leads in the polls and have millions of dollars to spend on campaigning ads against Corey Stewart that made him to hold the lead and get victory from the yawning jaws of defeat.

On the flip side, the Corey Stewart’s campaign has now reached to a critical situation to affect the Tim Kaine’s re-election. The strategists of the Tim Kaine’s campaign admits that if any public opinion move from Tim Kaine towards Corey Stewart then he may end up by winning the election and join U.S.Senate.

This denotes that Virginia seems to be a battleground to control the Senate and thus federal government with high stakes associated with it.So, pray for victory and support Corey Stewart’s campaign in 2018 senate election polls.