Having a washing machine is a blessing. The convenience of washing and drying clothes without you having to put in any effort or time is worth consideration. However, this could easily turn into an irritating issue if the machine suddenly starts to make strange noises. You will need to consider washer repair immediately. So, let’s take a look into why washers make unusual noises and what can you do about it.

The Washer Is Not Leveled Properly

A common issue with washers is that they are not leveled properly. The feet of the washing machine should be level on the floor and if the case is otherwise, it will vibrate and might damage the components inside. At the same time, the washing machine must be as close to the floor as possible. The higher it is, the more chances of strange vibrations and noises.

The Tub’s Bearings May Be Damaged Or Worn Out

All washing machines come with a tub bearing. The tub bearing is the part on which the tub sits and rotates freely. In a top-loading washing machine, the tub bearing is located below the outer tank, whereas in the case of a front-loading washing machine, the bearing is located on the sides.

If your washing machine is being noisy, it might be that the bearings are worn out. You can try lubricating it. Bearings, regardless of the type, need lubrication sooner or later to keep functioning properly. If not, they will simply damage and need replacement.

Furthermore, the average lifespan of a tub’s bearing is 10 years. However, that also depends on the maintenance of the machine. If the machine is ignored and not looked after, the bearings will give up a lot sooner than you think.

The Load May Not Be Evenly Distributed

Another common mistake people tend to make is overloading the washing machine. If you were to consult the user’s manual, you will see that manufacturers strongly suggest against overfilling the machine. Every machine comes with a limit when it comes to how many clothes can go in at one time.

With overloading or uneven loading, you will be putting the tub under a lot of stress. This is why you should avoid stuffing heavy items like rugs and carpets with clothes. Plus, clothing items when wet add to the weight. This makes it even harder for the machine to perform and will make strange noises.

The Belt Might Be Worn Out

Belt just like the bearings come with a limited lifespan. They will crack over time and you will have to replace them. Usually, a worn out belt will produce a squeaking sound. And if that is the case with your washing machine as well, it means that the belt is gone for sure.

However, you will need a professional’s help. Replacing the belt is not that easy and requires special tools. So, make sure that you consult an expert and get the belt changed as soon as it starts making squeaky sounds.

How Can I Prevent The Washing Machine From Making Noises?

Mostly, you simply need to be careful and look after the machine. If you have recently purchased a new machine or plan on buying one, make sure that you go through the user manual. Although washing machines perform more or less the same functions, there could be slight differences in the way maintenance is done.

Keep in mind that washing machines are a lot smarter and more intelligent than they used to be back in the day. Not only that, but they have also become a lot more durable and reliable. This means that if your washing machine starts to make a noise, it is most probably a mistake on your end.

However, if the machine happens to be old, you can expect unusual sounds. Bearings and belts etc. can give up at any time and cannot be repaired. But scheduled maintenance can also help prevent such incidents from taking place before your machine gets damaged.

Final Word

Washing machines do make noise while running. However, that is a normal buzzing sound, which means you do not need to panic. But if things seem out of normal, you should immediately contact an appliance repair Northern VA expert and get the issue fixed.