Abortion is a one-time experience in the life of most of the women. No women will like to think anything about those horrible days that compelled her to take a decision to kill the baby growing in her womb. Whatever be the reason, whatever be the character of the woman involved, there is no doubt that there would fall at least one or two drops of tear from her eyes during the execution of the abortion procedure. So every woman would like to have the abortion carried out in a women’s choice clinic or the office of the physician in the most confidential manner.

She will never want to remain any shades of that horrible chapter in her memory or nowhere in the world at all. She would like to conduct all the tests and procedures like counseling, lab work, IV sedation procedure, recovery care, continued medical check-ups, and post abortion family planning methods etc in the most confidential manner in the best clinic where everything will be matching to her temperament and aspirations.

Non surgical abortion

There is a very safe and non invasive option if you are within 70 days of your last menstrual periods. It is medication in the form of a pill which is administered orally. This pill blocks the hormone that is needed for the growth of the fetus. The guide in the abortion center will give you information regarding how the pill works. In addition to this more information about this pill can be obtained from the internet by any person who has an internet connection and at least a smart phone. Fortunately these days, laptops or tablets are not a must for accessing the internet.

Surgical abortion method

For abortion in the case of pregnancies which have around fourteen weeks of gestation periods, pills will not be suitable. For such period many women friendly abortion centers are using surgical procedures for the termination of the unwanted pregnancy.

If the gestation period has crossed 14 weeks then the abortion has to be carried out through a procedure popularly known as D &E which is nothing but dilation and evacuation. In the first day a dilator is inserted and on the second day the abortion is carried out.

Surgical removal of fetus can be carried out when the gestation period is within 6 weeks to 24 weeks. For this an initial consultation with a clinician in a abortion center is necessary.In most clinics an appointment can be fixed within 24 hours of you making a call.

  • Important features of women friendly abortion clinics
  • Abortions are carried out at the earliest within four weeks of the last day of the last menstrual period.
  • Many women want to end the unwanted pregnancy at the earliest

Within six weeks to 12 weeks is the time period within which vacuum aspiration method of abortion is performed. It takes only 3-5 minutes and is very safe and simple. This is the most commonly used abortion procedure in the United States.

Another procedure popularly known as D&E is performed between 12 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. As the first step the cervix of the candidate is softened by the use of sticks medication to soften the cervix. Another method for this is to use some medications for this purpose. The clinician will study your medical history and decide which method will be suitable for you. He will explain why it is suitable for you and how it is going to be carried out. The patient has no option abortion clinics washington.