During the summer season, everyone dreads entering their boiling vehicles. While the air conditioner takes some time to cool things down, the heat tends to be unbearable. And more so if there is no auto window tinting. So, if you are looking for some tips to reduce the heat in your car, we have got you covered. Let’s discuss how you can make things slightly easier for yourself when the sun is boiling outside.

Use Sunshades/Window Visors

The first thing you can do is use sunshades and window visors. These accessories are specifically designed to block the heat from entering. If your vehicle is parked directly under the sun, throughout the day, not only will you welcome yourself to a boiling vehicle but also a faded interior in a few years.

Furthermore, sunshades/window visors are affordable and do not cost much. This makes them a must-have accessory, especially during the summer season. However, opt for good quality sun shades or visors. The thing with average quality window visors is that they easily come off after a few months. And as for the sunshades, they simply lose color.

Park Under A Shade

Perhaps the best way to reduce the heat in your car is by parking it under the shade. If you are not able to find a proper shade, you can opt for a tree that partially covers the vehicle. You will at least get to reduce some heat, especially in the front. 

If even that is not possible, you should purchase a car cover. You can put it on as soon you arrive at your office and take it off once you leave. This will also keep your vehicle free of dust and dirt. Then again, only opt for a good-quality vehicle cover. Poor-quality ones can easily put swirls on your paint, which can take away all the shine and appeal.

Use A Dashboard Cover

Another tip to reduce heat in your cover is to invest in a dashboard cover. As mentioned previously, prolonged exposure of the interior to the sun can damage the finish. In serious situations, the material can also crack, which not only leads to expensive repairs and replacements but also a reduction in the resale value

Touching the dashboard while the vehicle is parked under the sun is the last thing you would want in an already heated car. Similar to the sun visors and shades, dashboards covers are not expensive either and will go a long way in keeping your dashboard safe against the UV rays.

Keep The Windows Slightly Open

This tip does not require spending any money. When parking your vehicle under the sun, simply roll down the windows a bit so that cross-ventilation can take place. Heat trapped inside your vehicle is not good for the interior. It needs to escape as well as the fresh air to enter so that the temperature can be balanced. 

With that said, do not roll down your windows halfway as thieves can easily slip inside and unlock the car. Even a small opening can significantly help in letting the hot air escape. 

Get Your Air-Conditioner Serviced

This tip is important for older vehicles. If you own a vehicle that is 5 or 10 years older, you need to get its air-conditioner serviced before the summer season sets in to ensure everything is working fine. Getting your air conditioning system during the summer is not a good idea either as the rates tend to be comparatively high. 

It might be that the refrigerant level is low or the air filters need to be replaced, which can otherwise reduce the performance of the system.

Tint The Windows

Finally, if possible, get your windows tinted. You can opt for ceramic window tints that are expensive but will last a lifetime. Not only do these tints block the UV rays but also protect the windows against scratches.

If that is the plan, make sure that you get them installed by a good window tint installer. Otherwise, a shoddy job will lead to headaches as the tints begin peeling off.

Final Word

That’s it! These tried and tested techniques protect your vehicle from heat and also its interior in the long run. Always go to certified detailers and window tint shops Springfield for tints and shades.