Dirty water is not only unsafe for drinking, but it can be harmful to your skin and even the things that come in contact with it. This is why you need a water filtration system. Here is how to choose the perfect water filter for you, if you don’t know where to start.

Figure Out Where You Need The Filter First

First thing’s first, you need to narrow down the places where water coming from the supply is dirty or unclear or has a weird taste and smell to it. This can be due to many contaminants present in the supply water, which is then coming to your faucets, taps and showers. Do you only need a water filter for your kitchen? Or do you need it for the bathroom and other places too?

Sometimes, the water can be dirty and impure in one tap only, so you only need to install a water filter there. But, if all of the faucets and taps are giving out contaminated water, then you need an entire system for filtration and purification. This will make your decision easier in regards to what type of filter you need for your house, so that you can go for full purification systems or just a single water filter.

What Contaminants Does A Water Filter Remove?

There are many categories of impure and unclean water. Some have dirt and dust in them, others have metals and other residue in them which will impart a foul smell and taste to the water. You need to narrow down what type of contaminants are present in the water, so that you can select a perfect filtration system for your house. Metals like lead, arsenic, iron and copper need to be removed either physically or chemically, so you can go for filters or chemical purification methods.

Other suspended things like dirt, twigs and small particles can be removed by a simple water filter, so you don’t need an entire system for filtering out dirt and debris from your water to deem it safe for drinking and improve your health. Again, this will make decisions about choosing the right filter easy and your options will be narrowed down a lot.

Check If Your Water Is Dirty

To check for contaminants present in the water, some can be detected by simply smelling the water or you will need home tests which will detect impurities in the water. These tests are super easy to perform and they take less than five minutes.

Water is filled in a beaker and a strip is dipped in it. The color of the paper strip changes and you can identify what types of impurities are present in the water. Through this, you will know exactly what type of impurities are present and need to be removed from the water. Other times, you can also smell and see the color of the water. If the water is coppery red in color, then it has iron in it. If the water has the smell of eggs, then it has hydrogen sulphide in it.

Water Filtration Or Reverse Osmosis?

This is a decision which depends on your preference and how much water you need to purify on a daily basis. Simple water filters are a small cylinder which has a filter paper in it. This filter paper removes any suspended particles and dirt from the water and clean water comes in the faucet when you turn it on.

Reverse osmosis removes all types of metals and dirt in the water through a semipermeable membrane. The installation of a reverse osmosis system is also expensive and it is only worth it if you want to purify a large amount of water on a day to day basis. This is why you need to test the water and know what types of impurities are present in the water so you can choose a purification system accordingly, which will be cost efficient and useful.


There you have it! Choosing a water filter will become very easy for you, if you know the basics and what you need to look for when choosing a water filter. It’s a good idea to select a whole house water filtration Erie system to get clean water anywhere house.