With the increasing number of crime shows, people have come up with their own concepts regarding law and criminal lawyers. They seem to forget that TV shows and reality are two different things. They seem to think that they are aware of how police and criminal defense lawyer work. That’s not the case though, following are some of the myths regarding criminal law to knock some sense into your minds.


The Police Are There to Protect Me

This is the biggest lie one has ever been told when the police is investigating a certain area. Asking questions is a ritual they go through so as to collect as much information as they can against you to present in the court. Criminal Defense attorneys should be hired when you are required for an investigation so as to avoid getting yourself trapped in situations as such.

If They Can’t Prove It’s Mine, They Can’t Arrest Me

This usually goes for those in possession of guns or drugs where they believe that by hiding drugs or guns can weaken their claim or denial from their side can help them out. Well that’s not true, if you are in possession of it, you are indeed guilty. The police can easily present the jury with sentences like, it was found in the vicinity of the respective house or in the cupboard etc. They just need to prove they restored the possession from your building and you can be convicted easily.

I Can Use The “Remain Silent” Card

While this is somewhat true, keep in mind that this can be used against you in court. The police are professionals and they know more about law than you do. The best way to avoid trouble is to request for an attorney i.e. telling them that you’ll answer their questions in the presence of criminal defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney can help you a little and won’t cause you any trouble either.

My Friend Got Away, I Can Too

This is exceptionally common, people always seem to compare themselves to other people and their cases. Every case is different also every single member has different incentives. Your friend might have had a great criminal defense attorney present or his charges might not be much as compare to you. Each case is different hence stop with the comparison.

There Is No Hope for Me, Hello Prison

No matter how heavy your charges are or how many times you’ve committed a crime, keep in mind that there is always hope. If your attorneys can’t help you in releasing you from your statement, he/she can help you in receiving a reduced sentence compared to the one you were getting in the first place. They can also help you if you have some sort of problems which will convince your judge and pardon a few years of your sentence.

My Case Will Be Resolved Quickly

Most people assume that with having trials etc. their cases can be resolved quickly within a month or two. However, keep in mind that cases take a long time, and if your crime is serious it may take more than a year to resolve. Your criminal defense lawyer should be able to provide you with an insight. But mostly cases take at least a year getting resolved so remove the possibility of a few months off your mind.

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