Who does not like to have a nice outdoor space in their house? The demand of such additions has greatly increased. And due to this reason, buyers are more than comfortable in paying high for houses that contain a patio. So, it is more important than ever for homeowners to always rely on just the best patio builders.

Well, the definition between a porch and a patio are different. And it would depend on the region in which you are. So, we always suggest you clear it with your patio contractor first.

Though, there are still many similarities between patios and porches. And these similarities exist regardless of the region. In this article, we will discuss both the differences and similarities in porch and patio.

Porches vs Patios

Both porches and patios can have slab-on-grade foundations. In this type of foundation, concrete slabs are used for the structure of the household patio. So, there is no space between the ground and the slabs. This is particularly common in regions in which the climate does not cause the grown temperature to fall too low in winters.

What is a porch?

A porch is an outdoor structure that features a roof. It is open on both sides and overlooks the entrance of the house. Furthermore, it is also a way for homeowners to enjoy some fresh air. With that, it may also be called a loggia or a veranda.

This word comes from the term ‘porche’, which is an old French word. The structure goes back to the old times when it was common in Rome and Greece. Similar structures can be found in many historical landmarks in these regions.

At the same time, the American design of porches came later in the 1700s. These came to the US through immigrants, and Africans. Other porches were built by the Europeans who had settled in the US.

So, the US styled porches that we see today are a mix of different cultures from the past.

What are patios?

Well, porches are always attached to the house and can be used as an entrance. However, a patio does not necessarily have to be attached to the house. It can either be a landscape feature, or a separate thing.

Mostly, outdoor patios are surfaces that are paved with the help of concrete pavers and natural stone. And typically, patois are open. After all, they are outdoor structures.

When it comes to the building of patios, it is extremely important to consider whether they will be fully open or have some shade. Some people who want more privacy will prefer patios with a closed roof. In comparison, others may prefer an open-ended design. It simply depends on one’s requirements.

So, both the patios and porches are terms that may be used interchangeably. In some cultures, the difference between them both may become more and more blurry.

When you reach out to contractors, always discuss the requirements beforehand. First finalize the design, and then choose the materials for the patio. Otherwise, you may end up with something that you do not like especially if you are not supervising the entire project.


In this article, we have discussed the difference between porches and patios. This will help you in communicating your requirements to the patio experts much better, when you start a project. Furthermore, we also suggest you do some research about different patios materials for better discussion-making.

Lastly, always choose the best patio contractors for your projects if you want to get a higher value. Since you are probably paying a high some of money, you deserve nothing but the best. lagrass