Buying Persian rug from a Persian rugs shop is an intelligent way to brighten your bedroom and make it stylish. A genuine and authentic one will be unique and genuine and should last for many years. It may be slightly costly than a generic rug produced in large quantity.  It is a worthy investment than spending money on local machine made carpets which are available at cheaper prices in almost every shop. The embargo of certain countries on Iranian products has made it difficult to get original Iranian rugs in such countries and therefore one has to be very critical when buying Iranian rugs from such countries.

Now it is illegal to import new rugs into many countries, although the already imported rugs can be sold in that country.  This has resulted in the proliferation of duplicate or fake rugs into such countries under the guise of Iranian rugs. It has therefore become doubly important to make sure that the rugs you are purchasing in such countries as Iranian rugs are actually Iranian rugs.

Certificate of authenticity for Rugs

Many dealers are offering certificate of authenticity as a token of the authenticity of such drugs being sold as original Iranian rugs. It is always good that they produce this certificate. You should never buy an Iranian rug without such authenticity certificate. But a certificate will not provide you a conclusive proof regarding the authenticity of the product certified. There are many possibilities for obtaining fake certificates for locally made rugs. Check whether the particulars like the size, price, age, and date of purchase etc noted on the certificate are at par with those of the rug you are intending to purchase. This certificate is needed for insurance purposes also.

Check the pattern on front and back sides antique rugs

Before buying a rug, look at the backside of the rug, where you will be able to see the pattern of the rug as seen from the front side of the rug. Though both the patterns on front and back have to be the same, it will be clear on inspection which is the front side and which the back side is. If there is slight imperfection in front and back patterns that is a good sign. As authentic Persian rugs are handmade there can be slight changes in the pattern on both sides and it will never be the same as seen in machine made rugs which are local ones.

Check the tassals

Tassals are another part of the rug produced in the waving process. They will be made of the same material as the material used for the rug. If you find the tassal as glued or not as part of the rug, then the authenticity of the Persian rug is doubtful.  If the material in the rug and the tassal seems to be different then also the authenticity of the tassal can be doubtful

Try folding the rug

You will not be able to fold or made crease over an authentic Persian rug. This information can be used to test the authenticity of a rug produced as Persian rug.  Try folding the rug. If it is foldable and crease is formed on folding then it will not be an authentic Persian rug. It will b a fake one sold in   a loal rug shop near me.