The influence of parents on their children’s education

Very often parents forget that they participate in the process of socialization and education of the child. Then it can happen that parent criticize the children and why they go to school If they’re not learn something, and why the professor doesn’t teach them anything. Or, instead of the blame for the bad success of the child transfer to a child, they foist it on teachers. Huge mistake! Why?

The responsibility for the education of the child is divided between parents and school

Well, this is because of the responsibility for education, parents transfer solely to teachers. Yes, children spend several hours at the school, but the rest of the time they spend at home, surrounded by family members. That’s why parents have a crucial impact on the education of their own child and not the teacher.

Instead, parents to help their children to learn, they left it to their parents (i.e. grandparents who are forgot too much or curriculum is changed a lot from their time). Instead of the focus on the education of their children, they are tired after the work and them is much easier to say to the child, “go watch the TV!” or “go play on the computer!”.

Of course, this behavior of parents is somewhat understandable. They are tired from work and they don’t have a lot of patience (but also knowledge) to help their child. Instead, the parents hire a professor to teach their child. This decision has certain advantages but also disadvantages. The advantage is that the child (if it really motivated) can learn something that is missed or it doesn’t understand. However, the downside is that parents don’t pay enough attention to the education of their child.

Why it is important for the child to adopt the concept of responsibility for their actions?

The very concept of greater rights of the child than the rights of parents towards the child is not bad but if it doesn’t follow the concept of responsibility and duty of the child to other people, then it’s very likely that we will have an irresponsible, arrogant and naughty child.

Also, children who are not accustomed to accepting responsibilities, they would later be irresponsible in life. Think rationally: do the man who as a child wasn’t learned the concept of responsibility, will be responsible for yourself, your family, coworkers and the people around him? Unlikely…

Motorhomes – Ways to enjoy your vacation

Motorhome is really a best option to enjoy a great travel experience, not only that this is also a best option for saving money for your next vacation. Every year more than million of travelers choose to spend their vacation in the beautiful travel destination. Some of them come from overseas while some are local. There are lots of travelers who prefer to travel in a motor home. There are lots of companies in all over the world who offers motor home rental facility.

What is motor home?

The luxury motor home will provide all types of amenities, which you usually get in any luxury hotel. But, if you want to bring some personal items with you like dishes, cutlery, bedding, you can. You cannot get obstruction in this wheel based hotel. Anything you can find which will help you to feel the homely comfort, because it will be your home for certain time period in your holiday.

Every motor home rental company has different rules and regulation that you need to check before select any company, like if they have any extra rental or cancellation fees or not. Before receiving any fines, it is extremely important to check, because it can ruin your trip.

Different Rental Options

Motor home rental companies can be found in all over the world. Of course, Individual needs will differ, but there you can find different models too. These vehicles accommodate several individuals than the car which can accommodate few people only. All rental companies do not provide all types of vehicle like some specialize in vintage car or some offer the most modern, high-tech models.

Some of the companies will deliver their car right to your home, but in most cases, customers need to collect the vehicles themselves from their office. This is up to you which option you want to choose. For loading and unloading, you need to take the car at your home, so that you can manage the enough space.

Price will always differ according to the size and model of the car. Price of the large car is more than a small car. Additionally the duration of the vehicle will affect the cost of the vehicle. Before going for the RV rentals, make sure you have gone through each and every rule of the company regarding their pricing system, different facilities and so on. So, it is important to check all sets of condition before selecting any company.